Bench Racing Ammo:  Silly Season Update II

Bench Racing Ammo Silly Season Update II

September 18, 2012 1:20pm

Besides one-off events, the 2012 season is over, so much of the news now centers around 2013. Who is riding where? We've compiled a list of what we know, hear and think about 2013 so far. On October 1, expect more news to break as most 2012 deals officially expire. Then, further on, expect more pieces to get filled in. But here's what we know as of today.

American Honda
Trey Canard - Confirmed
Justin Barcia - Confirmed

Note: Justin Brayton is heading back to JGR Yamaha.

Zach Bell - Confirmed
Justin Bogle - Confirmed
Zach Osborne - Confirmed
Wil Hahn - Confirmed
Eli Tomac - Confirmed
Kevin Windham - Confirmed

Note: Expect amateur recruit Matt Bisceglia to jump to the pros next year after Loretta's, and the team may sign another amateur or two soon.

TwoTwo Motorsports Honda
Chad Reed -- Confirmed (Yes, Chad will re-sign himself)

Chaparral Honda
Andrew Short -- Will enter second year of a two-year deal.

Note: This team could be on the look out for a second rider.

Lucas Oil Troy Lee Designs Honda
Cole Seely - Confirmed
Christian Craig - Confirmed
Jessy Nelson -- Confirmed

Notes: All three will ride Lites West SX, and Seely and Craig will ride 450s outdoors next summer. Amateur prospect Shane McElrath has been linked to this team, possibly to debut as a pro at Hangtown next summer.

Justin Barcia is headed to the 450 Class for 2013.
Simon Cudby photo

Monster Energy Kawasaki
Jake Weimer -- Confirmed
Ryan Villopoto -- Confirmed

Pro Circuit Kawasaki
Blake Baggett - Confirmed
Darryn Durham - Confirmed
Martin Davalos - Confirmed

Notes: Dean Wilson is heading to the 450s with Jeff Ward Racing, and Broc Tickle will move to another 450 team. One more PC 250 spot remains for next year, we're hearing amateur names possibly linked to it.

Jeff Ward Racing Kawasaki
Dean Wilson - Confirmed

Note: Josh Grant had a two-year deal, but it was contingent on the JWR team getting the proper sponsorship arrangement to support it. That has not come together, and we hear JG could end up back at his old team, JGR Yamaha.

Yoshimura Suzuki
James Stewart -- Confirmed

Note: Brett Metcalfe's two-year deal with the team is up. We have heard the team may bring him back.

Rockstar Suzuki
Jason Anderson -- Confirmed
Blake Wharton -- Confirmed
Davi Millsaps (450s indoors and out) -- Confirmed
Nico Izzi (Lites SX and 450 outdoors) -- Confirmed
Ryan Sipes -- Confirmed

Jake Weimer will be back with Kawasaki for 2013.
Simon Cudby photo

Mike Alessi -- Confirmed
Jake Canada -- Confirmed

Notes: This team started 2012 as a five-rider squad with Vince Friese, Tommy Weeck and Jeff Alessi. We hear Jeff is off to Europe for a few races, not sure on Friese yet. Weeck was SX only with the team.

Red Bull KTM
Ken Roczen -- Confirmed
Marvin Musquin -- Confirmed
Ryan Dungey -- Confirmed

Malcolm Stewart -- Confirmed. Mookie just extended his contract.

Note: PJ Larsen is out after two injury-plagued seasons at JDR. Not sure who will be teammates for Stewart yet.

Langston-Witt KTM

The team had already re-signed Les Smith for 2013, but sources say that suddenly the team has pulled the plug on operations and will not race next year (they will still pay Smith for his 2013 salary). Stay tuned for more on this story.

Jason Anderson will be back with Rockstar Suzuki.
Simon Cudby photo

Michael Byrne -- Confirmed
Matt Goerke -- We hear Goerke, who rode SX for the BTOSports Team in 2012 before heading to Canada and landing the MX1 title there, will be full time for BTOSports in 2013.

JGR Yamaha
Justin Brayton --  Brayton will be back with the team he rode for in 2010-2011.
Josh Grant -- Not confirmed but rumors suggest Grant and Brayton will be teamed again at JGR. It's 2010 all over again!

Star Valli Yamaha
Jeremy Martin -- Confirmed
Kyle Cunningham -- Confirmed

Notes: When Star and Valli merged last year that left them with a lot of riders. How many will they bring back for 2013? They also have amateur Cooper Webb in the ranks for a debut sometime next year.

Hart and Huntington
Lots of rumors surrounding this team, including a Suzuki tie-up with Ricky Carmichael's involvement. Broc Tickle has been linked to this outfit. We also hear Josh Hansen may be out. Tickle should be on board for indoors and out, the team will have one other 450 rider, possibly for SX only. Ivan Tedesco may stay with the team in that spot.

Remember, this is not a comprehensive list of every rider and team for 2013--but it's what we know to this date.