Bench Racing Ammo: Every Rider Who Has Won a SX

Bench Racing Ammo Every Rider Who Has Won a SX

April 26, 2012 10:30am

The sport of supercross has been around for quite a while now, since 1974 to be exact, and during that time we’ve seen the gate drop on well over 500 premier class main events. While the number of riders that have lined up to do battle over the years is staggeringly high, the percentage of them that have emerged victorious is amazingly small. If fact, as the 39th season of AMA supercross draws to a close, there have only been 55 racers who have managed to get to the finish line first, with Andrew Short gaining entrance to this exclusive club with his win last weekend in Seattle. With that in mind, we decided to do a little research and put together a list of every rider that has ever won an AMA supercross. For kicks, we’ve also included the year and venue in which that rider’s first win took place.

Short joined an exclusive club last weekend in Seattle.
Garth Milan photo

Rider  Venue   Year

Marty Tripes, Los Angeles, 1972

Pierre Karsmakers, Daytona, 1974

Jim Pomeroy, Houston, 1974

Jaroslav Falta, Los Angeles, 1974

Jimmy Ellis, Dallas, 1975

Tony DiStefano, Daytona, 1976

Jimmy Weinert, Houston, 1976

Marty Smith, Pontiac, 1976

Bob Hannah, Atlanta, 1977

Mike Bell, Los Angeles, 1978

Gaylon Mosier, Anaheim, 1978

Steve Wise, New Orleans, 1979

Mark Barnett, Los Angeles, 1979

Kent Howerton, Anaheim, 1979

Chuck Sun, Atlanta, 1980

Rex Staten, Daytona, 1980

Broc Glover, Houston, 1980

Darrel Shultz, Seattle, 1981

Donnie Hansen, Anaheim, 1982

David Bailey, Anaheim, 1983

Ron Lechien, Orlando, 1983

Johnny O’Mara, Anaheim, 1984

Jeff Ward Seattle, 1984

Rick Johnson, Seattle, 1984

Rick Ryan, Daytona, 1987

Jeff Stanton, Atlanta, 1989

Damon Bradshaw, Anaheim, 1990

Larry Ward, Seattle, 1990

Jeff Matiasevich, Las Vegas, 1990

Jean-Michael Bayle, Dallas, 1990

Mike LaRocco, Las Vegas, 1991

Doug Dubach, San Jose, 1991

Jeremy McGrath, Anaheim, 1993

Mike Kiedrowski, Daytona, 1993

Mike Craig, Tampa, 1994

Doug Henry, Dallas, 1995

Jeff Emig, Las Vegas, 1995

Greg Albertyn, Los Angeles, 1997

Damon Huffman, Atlanta, 1997

Ezra Lusk, Orlando, 1997

Kevin Windham, Charlotte, 1997

Sebastien Tortelli, Los Angeles, 1998

John Dowd, Charlotte, 1998

David Vuillemin, San Diego, 2000

Ricky Carmichael, Daytona, 2000

Nathan Ramsey, St. Louis, 2002

Chad Reed, Anaheim, 2003

James Stewart, Dallas, 2005

Davi Millsaps, Atlanta, 2008

Josh Hill, Minneapolis, 2008

Josh Grant, Anaheim, 2009

Ryan Villopoto, Seattle, 2009

Ryan Dungey, Phoenix, 2010

Trey Canard, Houston, 2011

Andrew Short, Seattle, 2012

As you can see, Anaheim has seen more first-time winners (nine) than any other venue, which isn’t surprising, since it has hosted more supercross races than any other stadium in the world. Tied for second with six apiece are L.A., Daytona and Seattle. Interestingly enough, Rice-Eccles Stadium has yet to produce a first time winner, although with several of the sport’s fastest riders currently sitting on the sidelines, that could change this weekend.