Privateer Profile:  Killy Rusk

Privateer Profile Killy Rusk

April 26, 2012 12:00pm
Colorado born, and now residing in New Mexico, Killy (Key-lee) Rusk made his AMA pro debut at Hangtown 2010, and shortly thereafter turned heads at Freestone where he moved through the pack to earn his first national points. Soon after he placed a solid 13th overall at Lakewood. Since then, the 19-year-old privateer has been earning points in both motocross and supercross. We had a chance to catch up with Killy just after Seattle, where a strong ride earned him a top twenty in the West Region Lites standings!

Racer X: Killy how was it racing Seattle after having a long break from supercross?
Killy Rusk
It started out pretty rough, especially after a bad practice crash that left me pretty sore. Later in my heat race I got a bad start, and ended up going down again –- so things weren’t really looking that great. In the LCQ I actually got a pretty good start, I felt better with my riding, and ended up making the main. In the main I started way to the outside, as I didn’t have the best gate pick. Still, I got a good jump off the gate, so good that I was pushing for the holeshot!  But I came into the first turn so hot that I could not get my front end to turn. I got together with another rider and once again went down. From there I just started charging!  [Rusk would go on to finish the main in 13th]

Rusk currently sits 20th in the West Region Lites standings.
Andrew Fredrickson photo

You’ve been doing pretty well in an extremely competitive and stacked class.
Yeah, the first couple rounds of supercross were pretty rough, but once I got the hang of it, things started going better. I’d really like to be well inside the top twenty in the series after the Las Vegas finale, but it will be tough, I have a lot of catching up to do after not making the main at the first three rounds.

What did you do during the break? Were you able to have some fun?
I still rode supercross almost every day, just to try to stay sharp. I also rode outdoors a little bit to get a feel for it. I even did a local desert race, which I had a lot of fun with. Other than that I hung out with friends, and had fun.

You mentioned outdoors. What are your thoughts with them coming up soon?
Yeah, I love the outdoor races!  I feel much more comfortable with being able to open up the throttle and let it all hang out. I love the long motos, and the heat and humidity. Not sure why, but I do!  Outdoors is more my thing than supercross.

With that said, what are you goals going into the nationals this summer?
Well, firstly we’re going to try our best to get to all of them, but of course money is an issue –- especially if gas prices keep rising. But my goal is to be inside the top twenty at every round, and to be gaining as many points as possible. Hopefully I can put some good rides in, and be inside the top ten a few times, or at least right around there.

After missing the first three mains of the year, Rusk has made four straight.
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I wanted to ask you about growing up in New Mexico. Years ago the race scene there seemed huge –- with Ivan Tedesco, Justin Buckelew, and the Johnson family coming from that area. Is local motocross still big in New Mexico?
No, it’s actually pretty slim, we lost a couple tracks, and until very recently there was only one motocross track in the entire state. Some of the tracks are starting to come back, but the problem is that our rider base is very small. This year it seems to be getting a bit better, at the last local race that I was at there were a lot of people. I haven’t seen that many people at the races since I was back racing 50’s.

That’s great to hear. To wrap up this up, is there anything you want to add?
I’d just really like to thank everyone that’s been helping me out this year, people like Rusk Racing decals, LeoVince, Firepolice MX, Rockwell Watches, Core Oil Field Services, Maxum Petroleum, Racetech, EVS, TCX, Bell, AXO, Utopia, Rec MX, No Toil, Wiseco, Ride, Torc1, and Tamer.