Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

March 9, 2012 9:20am

Holy crap! Did you see Kyle Partridge’s foot? What the hell are those foot pegs made out of a 10 blade (scalpel)? Do you have any info on how he cut his foot through his boot? Was he wearing wicker shoes like Don Johnson on Miami Vice? I would assume he has titanium pegs… can they cut through the solid hard rubber sole like that? If the pegs are that sharp would his foot get stuck the first time he landed off a triple jump? Need some insight on this Ping.



Tega Cay, SC


  • Around 200 stitches to fix this mess. Yikes.
Dear Mike,

A Miami Vice reference, huh? Way to grease that in there, Tubbs. Kyle didn’t get his foot cut by his pegs, though they are likely titanium and capable of doing some serious gouging. Any respectable boot can keep sharp pegs from cutting a rider’s foot. But even the best boot has to bend when enough force is applied and that is what happened with Kyle’s foot. There were some issues with the tunnel alignment in St. Louis and when Kyle came off the berm and into the tunnel his foot caught the corner of the tunnel and smashed it between the wall and the engine on his bike. I don’t think even Kyle knows exactly which way his foot twisted upon impact but it was enough to do some serious damage to the bone structure. It’s obvious from the images that the fracture(s) were compound and impact with the wall pushed the bones through his skin. The real salt in the wound is that he somehow got thrown off and hit his head, fracturing several vertebrae in his neck. That’s a beating that even Don Johnson couldn’t walk away from. Here’s hoping Kyle heals up quickly and completely.




Dear Ping:

I can’t believe Barcia is running that mustache. He looks exactly like a young version of Uncle Rico in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. If you put him in one of Kenny Watson’s sleeveless shirts and had him pit out of an orange 1975 Dodge Santana Van you’d never know the difference.

The question I have is why? He can’t possibly think it looks good, can he? I’ve got a hypothesis that he’s challenging himself: how much tail can he still get with that thing over his lip? He’s clearly not one to rest on his laurels. Maybe since he’s stomping everyone on the track he thought he’d test himself off of it. What do you think about that thing?


New York City


  • I'll bet I could jump over those mountains over there.
Dear Mark,

I think Justin has some kind of hair fetish that he isn’t telling us about. Last year he had an enormous mop of a hairdo with the most bizarre chin beard I haven’t seen since Jacobim Mugatu graced the silver screen in Zoolander. Now he shows up with his hair high and tight but with this 1970’s porn actor ‘stache that looks like Tom Selleck when he was born. I don’t know the reason he’s pushing for facial hair. I’m not going to attempt to delve into his psyche. But I think we can all agree that every effort to grow hair on his face has been a bigger train wreck than anything Amtrak could dream up. You know what’s crazy? He still probably has a gang of chicken-head groupies following him back to his hotel every weekend. Everyone loves a winner… even a winner with a bad mustache.




Dear Ping,

I'm so sick of hearing Barcia Barcia Barcia.I think this kid is so over hyped.He is more Hyped up than Mike Alessi was when the Believe the Hype thing was going on in his pro debute.Why doesn't RacerX do a compairson between Barcia and Alessi 450 outdoor debut.Alessi first ever pro race debut was straight out of Lorrettas.He got a 5th overall(I think) and then a third overall. Then compare their 125/250 outdoor debut.Alessi would of been the 250 outdoor national champion if Grant Langston hadn'd blantely taken out Alessi at the last turn before the finish of the first moto.This moved was way more stupid than Mookies move on Bogle.I just want to see a comparsion between Alessi and Barcia during the first couple years of their pro debuts.This will show how over hyped Barcia is.I know a article like this will cause a lot of controversy on the message boards of RacerX but it gives us something else to read besides talking about St Louis over and over all week or Daytona next week.


  • Justin deserves his own rig.
Dear ?,

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Justin Barcia gets significant exposure because he has earned it. He is the reigning 250-East Region Lites champion and undefeated thus far in 2012. He also showed last summer that he has the skills to run at the front of the 450 class against the best in the world. Based on his accomplishments alone I would say he deserves all of the “hype” he’s been getting. And what in the world are you talking about the Langston/Alessi crash for? That was a last turn pass attempt that, while it worked, also cost Langston the series. I would suggest that GL would have been champion that year if he hadn’t hurt his ankle. Are you just trying to do some Alessi promotion here? Tony, is that you? It looks like your grammar. Whoever it is you need to up your med dosages and then rethink some of your theories.