Nitro Circus Live Ticket Winners Announced

September 18, 2015 10:05am | by:
Nitro Circus Live Ticket Winners Announced

For the October 2015 issue of Racer X Illustrated, we partnered with our friends at Nitro Circus to give our subscribers a chance to win two passes to any Nitro Circus Live show on their 2015 North American tour schedule. 

We’re pleased to announce that the following readers have been randomly selected to receive tickets. Congrats! The remaining subscribers will receive free Racer X and Nitro Circus koozies.

For more info on Nitro Circus and their 2015 tour dates, visit

  • Erich Esswein
  • Brian Litherland
  • John Verant
  • Wayne Cissell
  • Will Salazar
  • Dan Boyle
  • Kyle Kline
  • Carlotta Chapman
  • Alynna Maggs
  • Thomas Lightbody
  • Codi Custard
  • Dalton Heath
  • Joshua Verbish
  • Dale Cooke
  • Anna Madsen