Stimilon Hates Your Face!

March 26, 2013 9:25am

Stimilon Hates your face - ok, settle down, let us explain... Troy Lee Designs has been a long time supporter of both the Motocross Industry and Stimilon Events. So this year TLD came to us and offered up one of their top of the line helmets to be given away at the Stimilon Motocross Challenge, the legendary event at MX 338 (The Southwick National track) in MA. But they said "We want you to do something really creative, something that will get us noticed." We said, "Noticed huh? ok..." (evil grin)

So we came up with the "hate your face promotion." Simply put, this is a facial hair contest and the winner will get a new Troy Lee Designs lid to cover that ugly mug. Magic? We think so. Here is how it works:

The contest is FREE to enter and any rider signed up for the Stimilon Motocross Challenge (May 24-26) is eligible. The contest starts March 25th (yesterday) and that gives everyone a solid 2 month "growing season" before the event.

The Judges are basically looking for three things:

  • Outrageous - Do you invoke that WTF?!? moment. Are girls afraid to be seen with you? Do little children scream at the sight of you.
  • Commitment - Did you really commit to this project or just phone it in a week before. Remember you have time - use it wisely.
  • Style - we really dont care about style, we just needed a third category to sound cool

So if you want to Win a brand new Troy Lee Designs signature lid - Smash out that stache, beef up those mutten chops, show that you are thinkin by rocking the Abe Lincoln, Metro up like the Back Street Boys, stretch out that goatee, or just simply bring back the Martin Van Buren. It is FREE to enter and think how much you will save on razors and shaving cream - it is win/win.

Our apologies to your lady friend...

If you really want to have an edge on your friend who has been growing out the Grizzly Adams all winter (and therefor has a jump start on you) post a picture of yourself on the Stimilon facebook page now (claiming your involvement in this contest) and we will also take into consideration the most drastic change (before and after, if you will).

A big Thank you to John Berry and the entire team at Troy Lee Designs for believing in us and knowing that Stimilon Events are more about fun and a genuine love of riding dirt bikes! Feeling daring - post updates of your progress on Instagram with the #stimilon and @stimilon

Stimilon Disclaimer: Our HR Department would like it to be known that Stimilon does not hate any individual's, nor groups, face and/or faces. This was just a cheap joke to get you to read our press release. We apologize to anyone who became offended by the thought of their face being hated. Face Hate is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Stimilon is all about love, soft music and puppies.

The Stimilon Motocross Challenge

MX 338, Southwick, MA

May 24-26

Limited Entry, Pre Entry has Begun!