Swizcorner: Toronto

March 26, 2013 10:00am

I feel like I’ve stepped into some alternate universe when the universal opinion is that Toronto had the best dirt and was the best track of the series.

It’s true, though. I can remember only three short years ago when I watched the track crew dig a sidewalk chunk out of a jump face after practice! It was rocky, gravely, spongey, and as inconsistent as a track could be throughout a one-day program. Suddenly, last year the dirt was pretty good and now in 2013 it was classic late ’80s style supercross dirt. It held it’s form on jump faces keeping the jumps safe, it rutted in corners and the whoops broke down and cupped out. Most importantly, it provided ample traction no matter where they attacked from (aside from the few loose, flat corners).

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