Are You ‘Factory Pilot' Worthy? Winners Announced

March 26, 2013 9:10am

We are pleased to announced the winners of the “Are you ‘Factory Pilot' Worthy?” contest presented by Oakley and Racer X.

The winners of the online portion of the contest are Alec Cracchiolo and Wesley Down. While the two winners from the Twitter portion of the contest are Jack Schoepp@JackInTheeBox6516 (@racerxonline @oakleyracing O frame released in 1980 #AirbrakeMX #FactoryPilot) and wilson@madverb (@racerxonline @OakleyRacing 1975 or 76! Unobtanium Owned them! #unobtanium) who both answered correctly. Thanks to everyone who entered!

All four winners will receive a brand new pair of the newly released Oakley Airbrake MX goggle. The game-changing Airbrake MX goggle is now available for purchase at