MEC Main Event 3 Results and Report

October 21, 2012 1:15am | by:

Main Event 3 Results

1. Tomac
2. Barcia
3. Dungey
4. Reed
5. Grant
6. Cunningham
7. Canada
8. Chisholm
9. Friese
10. Weimer
11. Rusk
12. Craig
13. LeMay
14. Politelli
15. Swanepoel
16. Balbi
17. J Alessi
18. Howell
19. M Alessi
20. Brayton
21. Villopoto
22. Partridge

It's over and Justin Barcia wins the Monster Energy Cup! Another spectacular race, as Dungey and Barcia came in battling for the overall lead. And they battled right off the start along with Alessi and Tomac. Dungey emerged with the lead and Barcia was second. Then Alessi crashed over a berm. Tomac made the right move by taking the Joker Lane early, while Dungey and Barcia pulled away. Barcia eventually moved into the number-one spot, then Tomac took second when Dungey took the Joker Lane. Late in the race, Barcia had to take it, and when he did Tomac moved past to take over the lead. He would win the race--impressive for a rider who will still race Lites in 2013. But Barcia's second was enough to win the Monster Energy Cup. Dungey finished third.

In the Amateur All-Star Race, Shane McElrath won the first race, but then crashed over a berm in the second turn of the second race. Cooper Webb charged from way back to take third in the race, and that was enough to give him the overall win with 2-3 scores. Adam Cianciarulo crashed in race one and finished fifth, he bounced back to win race two.

In the Supermini Class, Austin Forkner won both races to take the overall.