MEC Main Event 2 Results and Report

October 21, 2012 12:20am | by:

Main Event 2 Results:

1. Barcia
2. Dungey
3. Alessi
4. Tomac
5. Grant
6. Reed
7. Cunningham
8. Brayton
9. Chisholm
10. Canada
11. Craig
12. Villopoto
13. Balbi
14. Politelli
15. LeMay
16. Friese
17. Rusk
18. Weimer
19. J Alessi
20. Swanepoel
21. Howell
22. Partridge

Even crazier stuff in Main Event 2--this is what this event is made for. Villopoto and Dungey battled side by side off the start, but Dungey once again had shifter problems (saying "I hit some stuff in the back and it messed some stuff up") and started dropping back. Then Villopoto crashed out of the lead all by himself! He got up in last.

This put Dungey into the lead, but he was struggling, and Mike Alessi took advantage to get around and take the lead. Then a Barcia/Reed battle caught them, leading to a four-rider duel for the lead. Barcia pulled off an incredible double pass on Reed and Dungey to take second, and then he and Alessi engaged in an inside-outside battle for the lead. Barcia took it over finally and tried to pull away, but Reed ducked into the Joker Lane early. He held onto third, and it looked like he was close enough to possibly pass Barcia and Alessi when they took the Joker. But then Reed washed the front end and went down!

Barcia took the Joker Lane and Alessi got him back, they battled hard for the lead again and Barcia emerged with the number-one spot. Then Alessi had to take the Joker, allowing Dungey to get around and take over second--a remarkable recovery considering he couldn't shift the bike. But Barcia took the win, giving him 2-1 scores heading into the final main event.

Here's the scenario: it looks like Barcia versus Dungey for the overall win. Dungey needs to win the final main, and if Barcia finishes third or worse, Dungey wins. If Barcia takes a second, he clinches no matter what Dungey does. With the likes of Reed and Villopoto in the field as spoilers, anything can happen.