Your Collection: 1974 TM 75

June 24, 2012 6:00am

This weeks collection comes to us from Charlie Pausina.

My name is Charlie Pausina and I purchased this bike back in June of 2011. This was actually the first bike my brother (who is 4 years older than me) owned. He has been looking for one for about 5 or 6 years and I found this one from Ron at Decal Works (and it still ran when I got it!) and began the restoration. My brother was unaware that I purchased it and I decided this would be the ultimate Christmas gift. I stripped it down to bare bones and started hunting for, what I was unaware of, some very rare parts. The frame, triple clamps, swing arm, and hubs were all powder coated. The fenders and gas tank were painted and I painted the motor along with the exhaust. The forks, front engine cradle, and a few other miscellaneous pieces were rechromed.

I started rebuilding in late October once I had 90% of the pieces I needed by respoking the wheels. I had no idea what I was in store for when I began this restoration. The time involved in just locating the correct bolts, washers, and those annoying rubber grommets that are on everything, was intense. Every bolt, washer, lock washer and nut that I could replace in stainless steel, I did. What I couldn’t get in stainless, I tried reusing so as much as possible is original. Hours of cleaning and buffing with a dremel to clean and shine. Needless to say I finished it on December 12th (and it started right up again after sitting for 5 months!) and gave it to him on December 15th. I rolled it into his living room while he was unaware and his surprised expressions will never be forgotten. The next bike he had after this one was a 1977 RM 80 and I told him I’m not interested in doing it again. J  I hope y’all enjoy as much as I did!