Monday Conversation:  Ryan Villopoto

Monday Conversation: Ryan Villopoto

February 6, 2012 8:45am
Anaheim 2 ended in similar fashion to Anaheim 1, with Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto jetting off to an early lead and a big win. He’ll also leave with red plates (signifying the points lead) on his number-one KX450F. When we finally caught up to the champ after the race, he was about to head out in his new Range Rover, but he stopped and let Matthes ask a few questions.

Racer X: Great ride out there, it really seemed like laps seven or eight you started to pull away.

Ryan Villopoto: Yeah it was good. I don’t know how….first of all, I got the holeshot, that was awesome. Then I don’t know how Chad got next to me, and he ran me a little high. But that was okay.

Yeah nothing wrong with that.

Yeah that was all fine. I just don’t know how he got next to me, that’s all. I was able to get around him on that triple, I stayed a little lower, then I went inside. Then after that I was trying to get away.

Basically from there, Stewart got into second, and you were marking him. Any problems for you?

No, it was all good. I was clicking off laps, and then I saw he [Stewart] was taking a low line over those tabletops. He was going on on off, instead of tabletop on. I started doing it the next lap after that, and it was all good.

Villopoto led every lap at A2. And A1!
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What about the track?

It was tough, it broke down quick. The whoops broke down. I don’t know what it is, the tracks are really breaking down quickly.

I was talking to Windham, and he says he can’t wait to get to the football stadiums. He thinks the baseball layouts this year haven’t been the greatest. Would you agree?

Yes and no, it’s hard to say because every track is different. It’s hard to say if baseball stadiums are better or football stadiums are better. I think what makes it better when we go east is it’s close to home, the flights are short, obviously we’re not flying here in California, though. But also the dirt is a little bit better other than those races when it’s really soft, and then it gets really rutted and kind of sketchy.

You’re the points leader again, how is that?

Yup. The bike looks better with red plates.


Villopoto will have his red plates back next weekend.
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