Chad Reed Bruised Up

November 23, 2011 10:50pm | by:

Today Racer X learned that Chad Reed injured himself over the weekend at the Genoa Supercross. Reed had gone down in a first-turn crash in the first main event, but managed to come back to finish second, and then win the second and final race to edge Justin Barcia for the overall.

In that first-turn crash, Reed hurt his thumb and foot. He dug through the pain during the races, and then tried to do some testing this week with Japanese engineers from Honda. He then realized the pain was too much. According to a text message from Reed today, he then went to get x-rays and found out he does have broken bones, but he described it as, "Nothing too serious."

Reed says he hopes to be back on the bike to continue testing next week after the swelling goes down. Stay tuned to Racer X, we'll report if anything changes.