Your Collection: Autographs

October 30, 2011 6:00am

This weeks collection comes to us from Jon Cummings.


"Hi just wanted to share a piece of my collection.  It started in 1979 at the Pontiac Silverdome I looked over and saw Bob Hannah giving an interview to a writer from the Detroit free press. All I had on me was my race schedule from glass city motocross in Delta, Ohio. That same year I got Jim Weinert, and every race I went to for the next 32 years I brought it and tried to get the best riders at the time to sign it all in their prime! Not at some trade show!


You can tell by some of the numbers they wrote behind their autographs like Chad Reed #103 etc. I would get home and document who just signed it and glad I did some signatures are hard to read the riders that signed are as follows: front: jeremy McGrath dated 1999 Travis Pastrana Bob Hannah, Mark Barnett, Jim Weinert, jeff Stanton, Tony D. Roger Decoster, Ricky Johnson, James Stewart, Sebastion Tortelli, Tim Ferry, Andrew Short, Andy Harrington, Johnny O'mara, Ernesto Fonseca, Mike Larrocco, John Dowd, Ivan Tedesco, Jeff Emig, Chad Reed, Damon Huffman, David Pingree, Mike Brown, Ezra Lusk, Eric Kehoe, Back: Broc Glover, David Vuillemin, Ricky Carmichael, Steve lamson, Kyle Lewis, Steve Stackable, Greg Albertyn, Stephan Roncada, Shae Bentley, Grant Langston, Travis Preston and Ryan Villopoto.  Well over 80 championships on one little card! It was very hard to get all of these and I think it's cool that I have kept it and added to it after so many years.  Thanks for letting me share it!"

- Jon Cummings



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