Paris-Bercy SX November 7-9

Three weeks prior its 26th anniversary, the famous Paris Bercy Supercross seems to be once more the biggest European event. While the promoter continues to prepare the show and the event, the riders trained and raced all over the world to be ready for this unforgettable event.

After Chad Reed last year, James Stewart will be the great star of this year’s event and expect of course to add his name to the prestigious ‘King of Bercy’ list. James just crossed twice the Atlantic in his life, to race and win in England the Motocross of Nations (2006 and 2008) with the American team. Some of his fans saw him racing Motocross, but in Bercy he will for the first time of his career enter a European Supercross. Last weekend in Vegas James did his first race on his brand new Yamaha, and after so many wins – including the 08 US Motocross Championship – with Kawasaki it seems that his new bike suits perfectly to his riding style. James won both nights of the ‘US Open of Supercross’ and beat Chad Reed, the US Supercross champion and reigning King of Bercy. James is ready for his French trip, and the noisy Euro fans are for sure ready to enjoy the ‘Bubba style’ in the famous POPB. It’s already ‘sold-out’ for Saturday night since more than two months, and there are just vacant seats for Friday night or Sunday afternoon! Fifth and sixth in Vegas, Justin Brayton and Josh Hill are also ready for Bercy and will be with Kevin Windham (and two other riders) part of the American team. The show will be great for sure, with a brand new layout!

The Frenchies won too

France has always been a major place in Europe for Supercross, and is now the second nation in SX as well as MX after his second position – behind the Americans – in the last edition of the MX des Nations. Last weekend in Bilbao – Spain – the Frenchmen monopolized the podium during the second round of the European SX series. After Milan a few weeks ago Benjamin Coisy the French SX Champ won his second SX in a row, followed by David Vuillemin and Marvin Musquin. Benji and DV12, the ‘captains’ of the French squad in Bercy are ready for it, and David who did his first race on a Kawasaki proved that he recovered from his injuries as well as Marvin. Best French performer in the GP’s this year with a third place in the MX2 World Championship, Nicolas Aubin is practicing on his private track with Mickael Pichon as teacher, while Steve Boniface and Eric Sorby also prepare Bercy at home.

More stars to watch

Since last year Bercy has a new schedule, and after the success of the first attempt the promoter didn’t changed anything. According to this program the fans have the opportunity to see and cheer their heroes six times per night, with two heat races and the ‘SX Match’ a series of short runs (only two laps) where only half of the riders qualified each time. In the final match you’ve only two riders for a last and intensive duel; these riders will appear sixth time in the evening, double than during a usual SX. And for sure with so many starts there will be a lot of pressure and excitement in the stadium!

Flying Mat

2009 number one MX Freestyle rider, Swiss Mat Rebaud will be once more the leader of the Asics Freestyle Show; Mat will end his best ever season in Bercy, just before going for a minor surgery. His friends Eigo Sato and the famous Pages brothers will be his partners, as well as ‘Jey’ Rouanet; all know pretty well the French stadium and the ‘explosive’ fans who give to this event something else than all the other SX!

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