Merge Racing Gets Another Podium

On Saturday in Phoenix  in front of 46,121 fans Torco Oils/Honda rider Kevin Windham got third in the Supercross class using Merge Racing's Adjustable Leak Jet (ALJ). The ALJ provides these race teams with the performance that they need to stay ahead of the curve. The Merge Racing ALJ is taking the race scene by storm with its ease of adjustability, taking away that four stroke bog and giving riders like KW improved throttle response.

As well over the weekend Babbitts Kawasaki's Kelly Smith took his ALJ equipped 250F to a main event win in the Toyota Arenacross series. Remember when in doubt, Merge it up!

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1. James Stewart, Haines City , Fla. , Kawasaki
2. Chad Reed, Tampa , Fla. , Yamaha
3. Kevin Windham, Centerville , Miss. , Honda
4. Andrew Short, Smithville , Texas , Honda
5. Ivan Tedesco, Tallahassee , Fla. , Honda
6. Mike Alessi, Victorville , Calif. , Suzuki
7. Nathan Ramsey, Menifee , Calif. , Yamaha
8. Josh Hansen, Murrieta , Calif. , Yamaha
9. Charles Summey, Huntersville , N.C. , Yamaha
10. Tim Ferry, Largo , Fla. , Kawasaki  


1. Jake Weimer, Rupert , Idaho , Honda
2. Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine , Minn. , Suzuki
3. Brett Metcalfe, Murrieta , Calif. , Kawasaki
4. Broc Hepler, Kittanning , Pa. , Yamaha
5. Jason Lawrence, Carlsbad , Calif. , Yamaha
6. Justin Brayton, Murrieta , Calif. , KTM
7. Wil Hahn, Decatur , Texas , Yamaha
8. Dan Reardon, Murrieta , Calif. , Honda
9. Kyle Cunningham, Fort Worth , Texas , Honda
10. Billy Laninovich, Fort Worth , Texas , KTM