Stewart Answers Back with Big Win in Phoenix

Stewart Sets the Stage for Anaheim This Weekend

Throwback Prices for Throwback Night at Angel Stadium

AURORA, Ill. (January 15, 2008) – Monster Energy® Kawasaki’s James Stewart, of Haines City, Fla., scored his first win of the season at Phoenix’s Chase Field last Saturday, knotting the score between arch rival Chad Reed, of Team San Manuel. Tied at 47 points, Stewart and Reed will square off once again at Round 3 of 17 this Saturday at the Monster Energy® AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, race at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif. This Saturday Monster Energy® Supercross will pay tribute to the epic ‘80’s era. The night will honor the ‘80’s era with a nostalgic look back at the racing that helped launch supercross to one of the world’s top motorsports.

World Famous KROQ, which is based in Los Angeles, has jumped on board for the throwback night by offering fans upper deck tickets for $10.67. This incredible value is almost a $20 savings on each ticket. Fans can purchase the tickets by logging on to and typing in the password “KROQ08.”

Media day will be held on Thursday, January 17 inside the Diamond Club at Angel Stadium from Noon-2:00, featuring Team San Manuel’s Chad Reed and Nathan Ramsey. Reed and Ramsey will be on hand for interviews and will ride the track for the media.

The Throwback night will feature a replica of the 1986 Anaheim track celebrating the epic battle between Honda riders David Bailey and Rick Johnson. In what is considered the greatest supercross race of all-time, Bailey went on to win the race and Johnson captured the championship that year.

To show support for the race, many teams and riders will be outfitted with gear and bikes that have an ‘80’s retro theme. Former AMA Supercross class champions Bailey and Johnson are working closely with Live Nation Motor Sports, Inc., to help capture the nostalgic ‘80’s look and feel. The factory teams will display the ‘80’s works bikes that helped pilot the era’s top racers to championships.

In addition, former legends Mike Kiedrowski, Scott Burnsworth, Mickey Dymond, Mike Bell, Marty Smith, Sebastien Tortelli, Jeff Stanton, Mike LaRocco, Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Ron Lechien, Donnie Hansen, Broc Glover, Rick Johnson, David Bailey, Erik Kehoe, Jim Holley, Johnny O’Mara, Jimmy Button, Bob Moore, Jeff Emig, Danny LaPorte, Greg Albertyn, Marty Tripes, Steve Stackable, Gary Jones, Dwayne Jones, Bryar Holocomb, Brad Lackey, Doug Dubach, Jeff Ward, Roger DeCoster, Tommy Croft, Eddie Cole and Bruce McDougal will be honored at the race and will be on-hand to sign autographs from 2:30-3:30 p.m. outside of the Toyota Zone in the pits. Also, a few ‘80’s-themed surprises have been built into the night program.

Fans are encouraged to dress the part all day and to get behind this fun throwback night. From the variety of on-site, ‘80s-themed promotions to the ’80’s music and videos, Throwback night will capture the essence of that special era of supercross racing.

At the opening Round of Monster Energy® Supercross at Angel Stadium, Team San Manuel’s Chad Reed opened the 2008 championship with a huge win over Stewart in the AMA Supercross class. Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey led the field of Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites riders, scoring the fifth win of his career.

At last year’s second Anaheim race, Stewart and Ryan Villopoto won their second-consecutive race at Angel Stadium. Stewart led all 20 laps of the main event while Villopoto led 3 of 15 laps.

Tickets are still available by phone at 714-740-2000, Angel Stadium Box office, participating Yamaha dealers and all Ticketmaster outlets. Club and Diamond Club seats are $70; trackside seats are $45; upper deck are $35 and $30; select upper deck kids $15. All seats are $2 more on the day of the race. Gates open at 12:30 and the pit party runs from 12:30-5:30 p.m. for the next two races. Pit passes will be available at $5-discount coupons are available OTD Cycle Sports. Plus, select upper deck seats are “throwback,” for $10.67 compliments of KROQ. To use the discount, type in the password “KROQ08” in the promotions and special offers when using and


Past winners in Anaheim

AMA Supercross Class
January 5, 2008:                        Chad Reed

January 6, 2007:                        James Stewart

January 20, 2007:                      James Stewart

February 3, 2007:                       James Stewart

January  07, 2006:                     James Stewart 

January 21, 2006:                      Ricky Carmichael

February  04, 2006:                    Ricky Carmichael

January 8, 2005:                        Kevin Windham

January 22, 2005:                      Ricky Carmichael

February 5, 2005:                       Ricky Carmichael

January 3, 2004 :                       Chad Reed

January 17, 2004:                      Chad Reed

January 31, 2004:                      Kevin Windham

January  04, 2003:                     Chad Reed

January 18, 2003:                      Ricky Carmichael

February  01, 2003:                    Ricky Carmichael

January 05, 2002:                      David Vuillemin

January 19, 2002:                      Mike LaRocco

February 02, 2002:                     Ricky Carmichael

January 06, 2001:                      Jeremy McGrath

January 20, 2001:                      Jeremy McGrath

February 03, 2001:                     Ricky Carmichael

January 8, 2000:                        Jeremy McGrath

January 15, 2000:                      Jeremy McGrath

January 09, 1999:                      Ezra Lusk

February 06, 1999:                     Ezra Lusk

January 27, 1996:                      Jeremy McGrath

January 28, 1995:                      Jeremy McGrath

January 29, 1994:                      Jeremy McGrath

January 23, 1993:                      Jeremy McGrath

January 25, 1992:                      Damon Bradshaw

January 26, 1991:                      Jeff Stanton

January 27, 1990:                      Damon Bradshaw

January 28, 1989:                      Rick Johnson

January 31, 1987:                      Jeff Ward

January 18, 1986:                      David Bailey

February 02, 1985:                     Broc Glover

January 28, 1984:                      Johnny O’Mara

January 29, 1983:                      David Bailey

January 30, 1982:                      Donnie Hansen

January 31, 1981:                      Kent Howerton

November 17, 1979:                   Kent Howerton

November 11, 1978:                   Gaylon Mosier

November 12, 1977:                   Bob Hannah

December 04, 1976:                   Marty Smith


Past winners in Anaheim

AMA Supercross Lites Class
January 5, 2008:                        Ryan Dungey

January 6, 2007:                        Ryan Villopoto

January 20, 2007:                      Ryan Villopoto

February 3, 2007:                       Ryan Villopoto

January  07, 2006:                     Andrew Short

January 21, 2006:                      Grant Langston

February 04, 2006:                     Grant Langston

January 8, 2005 :                       Nathan Ramsey

January 22, 2005:                      Ivan Tedesco

February 5, 2005:                       Ivan Tedesco

January 3, 2004 :                       Ivan Tedesco

January 17, 2004:                      Ivan Tedesco

January 31, 2004:                      Ivan Tedesco

January 04, 2003:                      Travis Preston

January 18, 2003:                      James Stewart

February 01, 2003:                     James Stewart

January 05, 2002:                      Travis Preston

January 19, 2002:                      David Pingree

February 02, 2002:                     Brock Sellards

January 06, 2001:                      Ernesto Fonseca

January 20, 2001:                      Ernesto Fonseca

February 03, 2001:                     Ernesto Fonseca

January 8, 2000:                        David Pingree

January 15, 2000:                      Tallon Vohland

January 09, 1999:                      Casey Johnson

February 06, 1999:                     Nathan Ramsey

January 27, 1996:                      Kevin Windham

January 28, 1995:                      Damon Huffman

January 29, 1994:                      Damon Huffman

January 09, 1993:                      Damon Huffman

January 25, 1992:                      Jeremy McGrath

January 26, 1991:                      Jeremy McGrath

January 27, 1990:                      Michael Craig

January 28, 1989:                      Jeff Matiasevich

January 31, 1987:                      Jeff Matiasevich

January 18, 1986:                      Tyson Vohland

February 02, 1985:                     Mike Healy


1986 AMA Supercross Class Results

David Bailey                              Axton, VA                     Honda

Rick Johnson                             El Cajon, CA                 Honda

Johnny O'mara                           Gardnerville, NV            Honda

Keith Bowen                              Pontiac, MI                    Yamaha

Micky Dymond                          Yorba Linda, CA            Honda

George Holland                          Kerman, CA                   Suzuki

Broc Glover                               El Cajon, CA                  Yamaha

Ron Leichen                              El Cajon, CA                  Kawasaki

Billy Liles                                  Jackson, GA                   Kawasaki

Jeff Leisk                                   Upland, CA                     Honda

Brian Myerscough                      Calimesa, CA                 Yamaha

Jim Holley                                 Woodland Hills, CA        Yamaha

Erik Kehoe                                Granada Hills, CA           Suzuki

Russ Wageman                         Canoga Park, CA           Yamaha

Mike Beier                                 Orange, CA                     Yamaha

Jeff Hicks                                  Atwater, OH                    Suzuki

Danny Storbeck                         San Antonio, TX             Yamaha

Alley Semar                              New Iberia, LA                Yamaha

Mike Healey                              Costa Mesa, CA              Suzuki

Scott Burnworth                         El Cajon, CA                   Yamaha


For more information on the Monster Energy® AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, please log on to For all media requests, please contact Denny Hartwig or 630-566-6305.