Revolution Park MX Grand Opening

National caliber practice track highlights the April 14th, 2007 grand opening of Revolution Park MX

(Carlisle, South Carolina.- April 5, 2007)  James Povolny is a seasoned professional Motocross racer that has been racing with a national number since 1996.  After full time racing, his vision has long been to operate a successful practice, race and training facility.  Povolny, together with land developers Robert and Stacy Ritchey have been working to accomplish this dream for years. With the support of Mike Petree, Neil Valentine and Henry Turner of the Union County Motorsports Association ,Bruce Morgan, Mayor of Carlisle and the local government and tourism board this project has taken legs and is about to take its first steps. Revolution Park MX is an 87 acre facility with a vision to provide the best riding facility in the country while providing a tracks, camping area and services to meet the needs of the serious racer and occasional hobby rider.  Uniquely located centered between Charlotte, NC, Columbia, SC and Greenville/Spartanburg, SC in the triangle of cities where motor sports are king. The park is just 40 miles Southwest of Charlotte in Carlisle, SC. No stone has gone unturned in an effort to establish a top rate training facility with the Motocross enthusiast in mind.

On April 14th, the facility will open to the general public for open practice. Come one, come all! THE NATIONALS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER! In preparation for a long summer of outdoor racing fun, this national caliber outdoor style track has been designed and constructed by track builder Lonnie Taylor with safe yet challenging obstacles. DON’T GET LEFT AT THE GATE!

Throughout this coming summer, Povolny will also be holding riding schools at Revolution Park MX through JPMX (James Povolny Motocross Schools). He has been training upcoming riders since 2003. Povolny has also guest instructed at the FCA camps (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) held in Indiana.  Povolny has teamed with professional trainers Dr. Medsker ( Medsker Racing College) and Jim Delzer physical trainer, to provide a program that encompasses the spectrum of mind, body, and machine. Dr. Medskers background includes training of past national champions David Bailey, Rick Johnson, and Jeff Stanton, while Jim Delzer has worked closely with dedicated racers Doug Henry, Ryan Hughes and Heath Voss. All skill level riders and racers are welcome, from novice to expert. Riders interested in preparing for the Loretta Lynn amateur nationals this August will have the opportunity to enroll in a three week boot camp that will conclude the week before L.L. 

In addition to JPMX riding schools, a more extended mentorship program will be available to Pro Riders looking to take their racing careers to the next level. This program will focus around the areas of advanced training regimens, proper dieting habits, strict mental preparation and established riding techniques.

Camping will be available on location with water, sewer and electrical services by mid June.  More amenities will become available as the summer progresses. Visit our website at