It's a New Era for Chests Protectors

January 17, 2007 10:54am

RXR is revolutionizing protection in the action sports world with exclusive patented “air shock absorber” tecnology. Imagine a body protector that absorbs 5 times more energy than plastic and
8 times more than foam material. High protection, lightness, comfort and mobility are the 4 main features of the organic and full chest protectors from RXR. The ASA (Air Shock Absorber) technology ensures maximal body protection, hign mobility and light weight, the organic weighing 1.9# and the full chest protector weighing 3#. The materials used make you forget you are wearing a chest protector. Worn under or over a jersey or jacket, RXR body armor is comfortable and very protective. The secret of RXR protection is air contained in a very durable ergonomic infl atable bladder with a number of interacting chambers that allow the air to move from chamber to chamber. In case of a fall
or impact the air moves between chambers absorbing the energy from the point of impact before it reaches your body.

MSRP: $199.95 for the organic chest protector and $299.95 for the full chest protector.

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