Badseed Productions Gets New Investor

January 17, 2007 10:58am
Today is a happy day for Badseed Productions. Pitbike industry entrepreneur Tim Snyder from has agreed to take over the reigns as new owner of Badseed. Partners Ryan Tate and Robert Castorina have decided to part ways to focus on other projects after the release of the highly anticipated full length DVD HATEUS, the follow up to last years hit full length FAD. Both Dvd’s brought worldwide recognition to Badseed Productions, its team riders and the minibike industry as a whole.

Badseed has earned a reputation as the bad boys of pitbikes, with its progressive team style dvds featuring the worlds best 50cc riders. Travis hart earned two magazine covers while filming for the dvds with badsdeed productions, taking the sport to a whole new level with creative skatepark lines, never before attempted stunts, rail grinds, stairs , street and trail riding with a “just want to ride to have fun attitude” Kelly Tedder received the cover of Pitracer while filming a wallride featured in HATEUS. The riders have had numerous magazine articles, as well as
television interviews and coverage on fueltv as well as mtv Europe and other shows.

With the success of FAD, we had the opportunity to do paid shows all over the world giving hope and paving the way for future minibike riders everywhere, along with helping boost the sales of many of our sponsors. Badseed has utilized its team and dvds as a way to help market sponsors products as well as the get the riders the coverage that they deserved. With the sudden boom of 50cc dvd’s. Badseed Productions stands above the rest with the quality filming, editing, and riding, giving a whole new style and look to moto dvds.

Now it's time to hand over the reigns to Tim Snyder. Tim has plans to launch a line of Badseed merchandise which has been in high demand since the relase of Fad, as well as putting together a new team featuring original and new badseed riders. A new Badseed video is in the works for next year. If you’re a minibike company that is looking for a way to get coverage you might want to think of contacting Tim to get your company involved . Dvd’s are the number one source of promotion. No matter how many dvd’s come out there is always room for one more in the collection, and what better way to showcase your product than having the best team Showing how well that product works. Congratulation Tim!! Cant wait to see what Badseed comes up with next.