Geoff Aaron To Race in Gilmer, Texas

January 17, 2007 8:10am

10 Time National Trials Champion Geoff Aaron will ride his first National Enduro February 4th in Gilmer, Texas.

We heard Geoff was planning on riding his first National Enduro, so we send him an e-mail asking him what his plans were for 2007.

For 2007, I'm focusing on ERE Trials Exhibitions for RedBull, Live Nation, Dunlop, etc. but I'm also looking forward to trying new things. 

After 10 AMA Trials titles I feel like I've accomplished all of my goals and couldn't be happier. I decided this year to retire from National Trials competition and fill my free weekends with special events like the Scottish 6-Day Trial, Endurocross, Last Man Standing and Round 1 of the National Enduro series! I'm not sure exactly what to expect but Enduro is something I've always wanted to try so I figuired I would throw myself into the mix and see what happens? I enjoy riding all types of bikes and have massive respect for all the disciplines. I am a true moto-enthusiast. Hopefully I'll pop out of the woods with a smile on my face. Maybe I can even get some Off-Roaders to buy some Montesa Trials bikes for fun?