DMXS Tonight


Josh Hansen takes his shots on the track but that does not compare to the punching bag fodder his life seems to draw on the message boards. Hanny has sustained some back-to-back injuries and admittedly his results are far below his potential, but the naysayers will not let him forget it. Josh is a good kid and we wanted to let everyone hear it in his own words tonight.

The true unsung heros in this sport spin the wrenches for riders that adorn all the glory. The only time they are usually mentioned is when a problem happens to the bike or they mistakenly smack a rider in the face with a pit board. Jeremy Albrecht has seamlessly made the transition from two-strokes to thumpers as he prepares Stewart’s bike for battle every week. J-Bone will join us after a long day at the test track.

In November of 1999, the young upstart Donovan Mitchell had just signed a deal to ride for Factory KTM, and was looking forward to the upcoming season. Unfortunately, a crash in a preseason warm-up race left him paralyzed and unable to ride, but it never diminished his passion for the sport. Dono is currently working with Yamaha’s Star Racing and has helped build it over the last few years into a formidable satellite team. Dono will check in with an update on his progress and give us the inside scoop on the team.

Terry Boyd has been the Supercross floor race announcer for many years, but he has a real job during the week on the #1 rated morning show in Portland, Oregon. His high-energy voice and hair are synonymous with a day at the track, and he has seen a great deal over the years. Terry lives in the Northwest, but the transplanted surfer and racer will always call California his home. Most fans only know his on-track persona, but will get the other side tonight.

David Pingree froze his twig and berries off with the rest of us in Phoenix last week and will join us with a race recap and breakdown. His eyelids were frozen shut for most of the day, but nothing that a face full of hot chocolate did not fix. Sorry, Ping. It was better than your idea of spooning.

Brian Leib with Toyota will join us with some exciting news about the TMX Athlete Program. They have really stepped up for the sport so remember to stop by the pits for their autograph signing and check out the latest trucks on display.

WWR welcomes on Hog Haven rider Ryan Grantom who finished 18th in the Lites class at Phoenix. Also, Terry Emig, Director Motorsports Marketing from MMI, will join us along with MMI Intern, Jonathan Lewis.

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