DMXS Tonight


Travis Pastrana had a banner year even by his ridiculous standards. The Rally American National Champion and umpteen X-Games Gold Medal winner has just signed a three-year deal with Subaru to wreck some more of their cars. Travis is heading to Paris for the elite Race of Champions, but not before giving us some time tonight.

Damon Bradshaw is arguably one of the most dynamic riders our sport has ever seen. I try to be impartial with our guests’ lineups, but Damon has been one of my favorite riders of all time, and I’m still getting over his premature departure from MX. Damon rode with pure heart, and even though his career was short-lived, those that were fortunate enough to see him race witnessed a true force. Damon has moved on and is now the driver for the U.S. Air Force Monster Truck team and is now block passing Grave Digger instead of Kiedrowski and Stanton. We are pumped to catch up with Damon to hear about his latest venture and bench race with one of our heros.

David Bailey posted a letter a few weeks ago on his progress, but it was something else he said that sent ripples throughout the industry. Even though David is fighting the battle of his life, he is more concerned about the endless string of injuries that have recently plagued our sport. We can no longer discount them as coincidence or just an accepted risk that must be taken. A real dialogue needs to be open about what can be done now to address the safety issues before us. DB will offer his candid suggestions tonight.

Davey Coombs was a witness to the great racing and extra curricular activities that followed in Toronto. He will give us his take on the results and the expected board-flaming and bashing that occurred this week. With James Stewart confirmed for Vancouver, it should be another interesting race North of the border. What is in the water up there?

I’ll always remember watching Snocross at the X-Games a few years back and hearing Jerry Bernardo, in his best Northern voice, exclaim the virtues of Tucker Hibbert. Tucker could have stayed in the snow and made a comfortable living, but he left the powdery safety net to pursue motocross. I always admired the courage it took for him to take such a leap and he is still chasing that dream. Tucker had plenty of top ten finishes in the last few years, including an 8th at Indy in '06, but his season was cut short with a broken ankle in Orlando. Tucker is back for more as he will compete in the U.S. Snocross series and the East Coast Lites SX when it kicks off in Atlanta. He is staying and training with Kevin Windham on his off weekends from Snocross, and will join us tonight from Mississippi.

WWR and Steve Bauer welcome on Chris Blose and Adam Chatfield tonight for their weekly segment. Steve will bring us up to speed on the team and their new title sponsor.

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