Parts Unlimited And Drag Specialties National Vendors Presentation

September 6, 2006 11:45am

Janesville, WI – Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties are extremely proud to announce the conclusion of another astonishing National Vendors Presentation and Showcase held in Madison, WI August 23rd – 28th, 2006.  Nearly 200 of the industry’s leading vendors traveled to the Monona-Terrace in Madison to share their latest products and training with virtually 2000 of the industry’s leading sales force and top dealers. 

Each year Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties combine forces to create the finest sales presentation in the industry.  NVP is known as the showcase where vendors have the chance to come illustrate their products to 200 of the greatest sales force members in the industry. 

Not only do top vendors from around world attend the NVP and Showcase, but top consumer and trade magazines also make the trip to Madison, WI.  With their support, NVP will continue to remain the pinnacle of showcases in the country. 

Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties split up NVP by strategically placing different events after each day’s meetings and presentations.  The first event of the week was an open house held at BUB Enterprise’s Janesville, WI headquarters.  Hundreds of people were entertained with tons of food and beverages along with a chance to tour one of the industry’s leading pipe manufacturers warehouse.  The second night concluded with a welcome reception for all of those in attendance of the 2006 NVP. 

One of the major highlights of the week was held at the Fox Den Farm.  Riders such as: Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Ryan Villopoto, Fred Andrews, Dick Burleson, Josh Hayes, Ben Bostrom, and Eric Bostrom suited up for a once a year play ride session and took to the muddy track aboard quads for several hours.  Also highlighting the night was the great food and drinks as well as the roar of none other than Travis Pastrana’s monster truck. 

Saturday’s evening meet and greet took place at the Janesville, WI distribution center.  With semi trucks ranging from Drag Specialties to the Parts Unlimited Ducati Team semi out front of the building to plenty of food and scenery inside, hundreds of people experienced yet another relaxing-social gathering.  The final night of the weekend was topped off by Moose Racing with their unique and entertaining reception as they unveiled their 2007 product line. 

The highlight of the week was the extremely successful showcase held Sunday with 150 vendors on hand displaying their products.  Some vendors used this opportunity to introduce their latest products for 2007 and to discuss sales and merchandising techniques for their products.  The showcase is a great opportunity for dealers to get educated on products from the leading manufactures in the industry without all the hassles of larger shows. 

For all of those who attended, everyone at Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties would like to thank everyone for coming and look forward to seeing everyone next year.  For all those who failed to make it, mark down 2007 now as you will not be disappointed!