Team Makita Suzuki Racing’s Carmichael & Hepler Sweep Steel City MX!

September 6, 2006 8:47am

--Next up, Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA, Sept. 10, 2006--

Round 11 – AMA Toyota Motocross Championship Series
Delmont, PA
Steel City Raceway
Sept. 3, 2006

Being crowned the 2006 AMA Toyota Motocross Champion at the previous race didn’t prevent Team Makita Suzuki Racing’s Ricky Carmichael from dominating Steel City Raceway in Delmont, Pa., on Sunday afternoon.  Despite soggy conditions, Carmichael won both of his 30-minute Motocross-class motos to take the overall win.  This victory marks Carmichael’s ninth win of the 2006 season and his 70th AMA Motocross victory – an AMA record.  Also, this championship is Carmichael’s 10th consecutive AMA Motocross title.

Ricky Carmichael:

“It’s been wet, I mean really wet, at the last several races so I’m looking forward to getting on some dry dirt for once.  We’ve had a real bad streak with weather.  That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to about going to Glen Helen.  When we race there, it’s usually pretty hot and it’s a very physically demanding track.  That kind of environment plays to my strengths.”

In the Motocross Lites class, Team Makita Suzuki Racing’s Broc Hepler duplicated teammate Carmichael’s performance and won both 30-minute motos to take his third consecutive overall victory of the season.  Lites teammate Ryan Dungey continues to put in a strong effort in his Pro debut season and is focusing on learning to race with the factory teams. 

Broc Hepler:

“I got two really good starts on my Makita Suzuki RM-Z250.  I got out in second place in the first moto and I holeshot the second moto.  I was able to hold off (Ryan) Villopoto for the first time this year and I was happy to do that.  There are still things I can improve on but I’m happy to finish off the season on a positive note.”

Ryan Dungey:

“It was an all right weekend.  In the first moto, I got shut out in the holeshot and had to come from 36th.  But I made my way up to 10th and then on the last lap I hit a hay bale and fell.  In the second moto, I got a better start on my Makita Suzuki RM-Z250.  I was in sixth place and about to pass for fifth but I bumped another rider and went down.  Each race we do, I’m learning more.  Now I’m just looking forward to Glen Helen this weekend.”

Ricky Carmichael, Team Makita Suzuki Racing RM-Z450, #4
1st Place – Moto 1, 1st Place – Moto 2
1st Place – Steel City Overall
1st Place -- Overall Points Standings

Broc Hepler, Team Makita Suzuki Racing RM-Z250, #60
1st Place – Moto 1, 1st – Moto 2
1st Place – Steel City Overall
6th Place – Overall Points Standings

Ryan Dungey, Team Makita Suzuki Racing RM-Z250, #142
15th Place – Moto 1, 36th – Moto 2
21st Place – Steel City Overall
NA – Overall Points Standings

Motocross Top 10 Finishers Overall:

1. Ricky Carmichael, Team Makita Suzuki Racing
2. James Stewart, Kawasaki
3. Kevin Windham, Honda
4. Davi Millsaps, Honda
5. Michael Byrne, Kawasaki
6. Mike Brown, Suzuki
7. Nick Wey, Honda
8. Tim Ferry, Honda
9. David Vuillemin, Yamaha
10. Ryan Mills, Suzuki

Motocross Lites Top 10 Finishers Overall:

1. Broc Hepler, Team Makita Suzuki Racing
2. Ryan Villopoto, Kawasaki
3. Josh Grant, Honda
4. Andrew McFarlane, Yamaha
5. Mike Alessi, KTM
6. Brett Metcalfe, Yamaha
7. Kelly Smith, Honda
8. Troy Adams, Kawasaki
9. Chris Gosselaar, Kawasaki
10. Paul Carpenter, Honda