DMXS Tonight

February 1, 2006 1:28pm

I didn’t even have to use the slow-motion button on my TIVO for the San Francisco race. It was just as competitive and compelling as Anaheim 2, just at half the normal race speed. It’s one thing to match speed in ideal conditions on a dry track, but to do so in that mess goes against reason. Both classes put on a great show for the fan faithful that endured the rain, wind, and cold that besieged the stadium early Saturday morning. Last week I wrote about momentum, and this week it’s about desire. The Streetcar Named Desire award goes to Chad Reed for his valiant effort after the crash to storm back in the top five and salvage what could have been a real disaster for his title hopes. Now that James had righted his ship, Chad seems to be the new flavor for the Bash-A-Rider Jelly of the Month Club. Oh, how quickly the masses turn when there is the scent of blood in the air. He may be an easy target now, but I assure you he will be fighting and charging hard just as he has always done. As great as the racing is now, I look forward to a 3-rider battle every week when Reed closes the gap. The only question then is who will be the next flavor of the month.

Danny "Magoo" Chandler has endeared himself to a generation of fans that witnessed his bold racing style and warm personality away from the track. His successful rise from a privateer was an easy story to pull for, but a tragic injury cut that promising career short. A film maker named Noah Samson felt it was about time that Magoos’s story was told, and after three years it is finally ready for release. They will both join us tonight to discuss the new DVD, Magoo: The Story of Danny Chandler. It will be available very soon at . Nick Wey finally made a Supercross podium and the network cut our boy’s interview from the broadcast. There was a nationwide uproar and rioting in the streets. In a hope of quieting this civil disobedience, Nick will be on tonight to give that speech that his fans have been waiting for. Nathan Ramsey is an old dog that is still learning new tricks. He has been on the podium three out of the four rounds thus far including an impressive win at San Francisco in the mud. He cut his teeth back East with us, so he has seen plenty of mud in his career. We welcome out misplaced Southern Brother on the show tonight. Ivan Tedesco proved he was nobody’s bitch last week when he held his own and made RC and Reed earn their way around him. You don’t win multiple championships by pulling over and Hot Sauce is making the most of his rookie year in the big boy class. It’s time to Ketchup with our good friend and get his take on moving up after four rounds. Shane Lusk had the unenviable position of carrying the Lusk name through the amateur ranks after the success of his brother, but he was always his own man. Shane was quiet away from the track, but he let his competitive riding speak for itself. He had a huge section of us pulling for him a few years ago when he qualified for the night program in Atlanta after a brilliant last turn pass. As many of you know, Shane suffered a spinal cord injury in 2004 that ended his racing career, but he has never looked back. Shane is an inspiration to me, and I’m proud to have him as a friend. He will let everyone know what he is up to tonight. Jessica Patterson secured a very cool ride last year on Moto XXX and it’s about time to hear from JP$ and her racing plans for 2006. By the time you read this, Steve Bauer and his MX friends will have concluded the 4th annual Big Air Kid’s Fair at the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital. Steve will call in with an update on this awesome event that is so important to the children and their families.

WWR and Scott Kandel will welcome Jake Marsack and Kyle Partridge on as the Most Improved Privateers from last week. They will each receive a $1,000.00 from WWR for the hard work. Also, Scott Schuur from SoCal / Phoenix Racing will be on to discuss the online raffle in conjunction with WWR to further help the almighty Privateers.

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