Tokyomods Kawasaki KLX110 High-Performance CDI has arrived

February 2, 2006 6:45am

San Juan Capistrano, CA – After months of testing, it’s finally here. This completely digital Tokyomods Kawasaki KLX110 High-Performance CDI not  only alters the rev ceiling to increase engine rpm, it also increases horsepower! No other ignition box can match the performance offered by this revolutionary Tokyomods product. Easy to install, this bolt-on performance advantage is priced at $169.95.
Tokyomods, the leader in high-performance ignition systems for motorcycles and ATVs, developed this completely digital single curve ignition box for the KLX110 with high-performance and durability in mind. With higher revs, an ignition mapped with a true high-performance curve and more horsepower, the Tokyomods KLX110 High-Performance CDI will give you the competitive edge you need.
Tokyomods sets its standards high and only produces top-quality products. Dealers are welcome to call for pricing and application of all Tokyomods products.