Racer X Film Festival: Semifinals Round 3

Racer X Film Festival Semifinals Round 3

September 12, 2014 3:55pm


Round 3 of the 4th Annual Racer X Amateur Film Festival, presented by MotoSport and ISAW, features riders at opposite ends of their career spectrum. The Watson brothers, featured in Max Hind’s video, are currently climbing the ranks in the UK and beyond as they make the transition from amateur to pro. Caleb Tennant is a multi-time South African national champion making a comeback in his racing career, which is featured in Lee-Michael Bransgrove’s promotional video. Remember, you can vote for your favorite entry once per day, and you can encourage your friends to vote too. Round 3 ends at 4:30 p.m. EDT on Sep. 19. Watch and vote!


Max Hind’s Video Description
My entry for the competition features two of the UK's top young talents, who also happen to be brothers. Ben Watson is 17 years old and currently sits in third place in the European EMX 250 Championship. Nathan Watson is 20 years old and has just got earned himself a factory ride in the GPs, racing for IceOne Husqvarna. The concept behind this video is to showcase the unique motocross brotherhood in which we are enemies on the track, but off the track we are allies—or in this case, even brothers. I hope you enjoy the film. It was shot at Doncaster Moto Parc in the UK by myself and my father, Phil, on the second camera. The concept, script, and edit for the film were done by me.

Lee-Michael Bransgrove’s Video Description
I found out about this competition two weeks ago and I didn't have much time to plan and execute the film, but I did it. I got a friend, Caleb Tennant, who is a top South African motocross rider, to ride around one of the best tracks in Cape Town. We unfortunately got the worst day possible to shoot, but we did as much as we could with the little time we had. I had a lot of fun shooting and editing this short promotional video for Caleb.