Sign of the (Lap) Times: Washougal

Sign of the (Lap) Times Washougal

July 29, 2014 5:15pm

By Aaron Hansel and Chase Stallo

With each passing round comes more and more talk about potential candidates for America's Motocross of Nations team, and with Eli Tomac coming on incredibly strong, he seems like a logical pick. He was asked about it after Washougal in the press conference, and while he says nothing is official yet, he'll be ready to answer the bell if he gets the call.

There's been a lot of talk about Ken Roczen's ability to follow up a stellar first half of a racing season with good results in the second. While his second half results this summer have been good (he's only finished off the podium in a moto once), they haven't been as good as the first; he has yet to win an overall in the second half. He's responded by asking his trainer, Aldon Baker, to attend the season's remaining races, and he mentioned his struggles in the post-race conference.

"Honestly, it’s just a long season. It’s basically my first time doing it that many races. I’m really happy that until now I’ve been doing actually every single race there is. I think that’s something that I’m really happy about. Obviously, it’s the first year in the 450. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. There’s a fine line to be on it the whole year. It’s just tough. Like I said, I’m still a little bit all over the place back home. The whole program is tough, and I just think I need to really grab myself by the nuts and just sit down and chill when I can." 

Chad Reed, who pulled out early with back pain, didn't have a good day on paper, but early in the motos he was showing some real speed, and when Racer X stopped by the TwoTwo truck afterward team manager Dave Osterman was happy about it, commenting, "Chad showed everyone he's not dead. It seems like everyone wants to forget." Reed has other reasons to be happy too, as he's expecting the birth of his next child any day. Congrats, dad!

Chad Reed had to retire early from Washougal due to back pain. 
Chad Reed had to retire early from Washougal due to back pain.  Photo: Simon Cudby

Some drama for privateer Tevin Tapia before the second moto. Shortly before the gate dropped, an AMA official noticed that Tapia's mandatory helmet eject system was not in place. Tapia's dad, who was on the line with him, jumped into action, borrowing a bicycle from a random spectator and tearing off to the pits to retrieve Tapia's other helmet. When he got back, the pack was gone, but Tapia strapped on his lid and charged off anyway. By the time the checkers flew, he'd managed to work his way into the points in twentieth.

Nobody was expecting Christian Craig to set the world on fire when he got the call to fill in at GEICO Honda for the injured Wil Hahn, but his results have been fantastic, considering he's coming off the couch. At Washougal he even ended up tenth overall, prompting the following Tweet from his wife, Paige: "10th overall at Washougal. Remember @_christiancraig this is JUST for fun!!! Simma down now." Washougal was supposed to be the last race for Craig, but with things going so well, we're hearing there's a chance he may race Unadilla or Indiana.

How about those Tommy boys? Tommy Weeck, who is actually from Carnation, Washington, killed it, going 16-9 for eleventh overall. Tommy Hahn, who we here is looking to get back to racing full time next year, went 15-10 for twelfth overall. 

There was some leftover controversy involving James Stewart dating back to Millville, so even though he wasn't racing, he was still creating buzz. Apparently, an IV nurse working with Stewart checked in looking for a credential at Millville. It's illegal for riders to take IVs before or between motos at a national (they're disqualified from competition if they take one), and if a rider needs to get one after the motos, the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit can supply. That makes it strange that any rider would need an IV nurse at the track. Apparently, the IV nurse left the track, anyway, and there isn't any proof that Stewart actually got an IV during the day. Thus, he was not penalized.

Let's check out the lap charts!

 450 Class Moto 1

Lap Rank Finish Best Lap In Lap Avg Lap Time Rider
1  1 2:12.040 3 2:15.291 Ryan Dungey
2  3 2:13.213 6 2:16.748 Ken Roczen
3  2 2:13.218 6 2:15.613 Eli Tomac
4  4 2:14.662 3 2:18.934 Trey Canard
5  5 2:16.140 2 2:18.855 Brett Metcalfe
6  6 2:16.412 3 2:19.558 Andrew Short
7  7 2:16.417 3 2:19.433 Weston Peick
8  8 2:16.425 2 2:19.940 Justin Brayton
9  9 2:17.165 4 2:19.572 Fredrik Noren
10  10 2:17.427 2 2:21.008 Christian Craig

450 Class Moto 2

Lap Rank Finish Best Lap In Lap Avg Lap Time Rider
1  2 2:14.881 2 2:18.034 Eli Tomac
2  1 2:15.253 11 2:17.699 Ryan Dungey
3  3 2:17.338 3 2:21.561 Ken Roczen
4  4 2:20.029 5 2:22.410 Brett Metcalfe
5  6 2:20.094 8 2:23.020 Weston Peick
6  11 2:20.227 5 2:22.404 Trey Canard
7  7 2:20.288 8 2:23.614 Fredrik Noren
8  35 2:20.467 2 2:26.064 Chad Reed
9  5 2:20.696 6 2:22.960 Andrew Short
10  8 2:21.746 9 2:24.612 Justin Brayton

250 Class Moto 1

Lap Rank Finish Best Lap In Lap Avg Lap Time Rider
1  1 2:16.522 6 2:19.533 Marvin Musquin
2  5 2:17.369 8 2:21.209 Blake Baggett
3  3 2:17.393 6 2:19.888 Cooper Webb
4  37 2:17.543 4 2:19.261 Jason Anderson
5  2 2:17.972 7 2:20.183 Christophe Pourcel
6  7 2:18.072 4 2:21.825 Justin Bogle
7  4 2:18.775 3 2:20.592 Jeremy Martin
8  6 2:19.342 6 2:21.699 Joey Savatgy
9  8 2:19.610 6 2:12.952 Dean Wilson
10  9 2:19.762 4 2:22.782 Cole Seely

250 Class Moto 2

Lap Rank Finish Best Lap In Lap Avg Lap Time Rider
1  1 2:17.895 3 2:20.629 Marvin Musquin
2  3 2:18.221 5 2:22.002 Justin Bogle
3  2 2:19.047 7 2:20.942 Blake Baggett
4  4 2:19.454 4 2:21.854 Jeremy Martin
5  5 2:20.235 9 2:22.501 Cooper Webb
6  6 2:20.962 5 2:22.962 Dean Wilson
7  15 2:21.327 3 2:31.847 Christophe Pourcel
8  7 2:21.559 4 2:23.566 Joey Savatgy
9  11 2:21.653 3 2:25.916 Zach Bell
10  9 2:22.124 5 2:24.290 Cole Seely

More news and notes:

Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Anthony Rodriguez missed his fourth race of the season after a big crash in second practice. “For everyone wandering what happened at Washougal, I crashed on second practice and couldn't race, but I'm doing just fine now,” tweeted Rodriguez. No official word from the team at this time on when the rookie is expected to return. 

GEICO Honda’s Matt Bisceglia was hoping the familiarity of Washougal would help him break out of his current slump. But the Oregon native was only able to manage twelfth overall. "I'm in a slump. There's no way around it,” Bisceglia said in a statement. “I'm in a slump, and I don't know why. I'm riding a lot during the week, my fitness is there, but I just can't get results. This happened to me before at the amateur level, and I know it'll end at some point. I also know the only thing you can do is keep after it.”

Anthony Rodriguez missed Washougal following a crash in practice.
Anthony Rodriguez missed Washougal following a crash in practice. Photo: Simon Cudby

Justin Bogle rebounded from a DNF in the second moto at Spring Creek with a podium performance in the second moto, but crashes still plagued his afternoon. “Two motos, two get-offs; that can't happen if I want to stay up front, especially when you're already banged up," Bogle said in a statement following a fifth overall.

After failing to reach the top ten in nine consecutive motos, Zach Bell has two top-tens over the last four, following a tenth in moto one. “I'm trying to improve every race, every moto,” Bell said in a statement. “The main goal coming into Washougal was to put myself in the mix with the top-level guys, and I was able to do that for five or six laps, so that was good. There's still more I want to do.” Bell finished eleventh overall on the day.

Following the 33rd annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship this week at Loretta Lynn Ranch, GEICO will house their two amateur prospects, RJ Hampshire and Jordon Smith, at the last three Nationals, starting at Unadilla on August 9.

Dean Wilson didn't have the weekend he was looking for at Washougal.
Dean Wilson didn't have the weekend he was looking for at Washougal. Photo: Simon Cudby

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson didn’t have the weekend he was “looking” for, this a week after a season high fifth overall. “This wasn’t the race we were looking for,” Wilson said in a statement. “I know I’m faster than how I rode, and we have a great team here at Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki, so I’m going to keep putting in the work to get the results we want.”

Five: Different moto winners in the 250 Class following Marvin Musquin’s 1-1 day at Washougal. The 450 Class also has five different moto winners. 

In privateer news: Zack Williams claimed his first career top-fifteen overall finish at Washougal. The Minnesota native had career-high finishes of seventeenth and fourteenth on Saturday … Kyle Peters finished twelfth in the first moto—his best finish since an eleventh in moto one at High Point … Cole Martinez matched a season high of sixteen in both motos and finished a season-high sixteenth overall.