Unsung Hero: Tommy Weeck

Unsung Hero Tommy Weeck

July 29, 2014 4:30pm

Tommy Weeck exudes passion. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting him, I’m probably just telling you something you already know. Always flashing his infectious smile, Weeck’s desire for racing is unmatched. He puts his heart and soul into it. But drive can only take you so far. For Weeck, finances are his burden. From his Washington-state home, he can’t afford to crisscross the country and compete in all twelve rounds of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. 

But he never misses his home race—the Washougal National. He’s had too much success here not to race. His brother-in-law, Ryan Huffman, is one of the track owners. And Weeck grew up in nearby Carnation. Washougal is a home away from home. 

Tommy Weeck finished 11th overall at Washougal.
Tommy Weeck finished 11th overall at Washougal. Photo: Simon Cudby

I texted Weeck on Wednesday last week to confirm he was racing on Saturday. He shot back: “Of course. Actually have a race bike now.” Weeck hadn’t raced since Thunder Valley—back in early June—but was ecstatic to get back on the bike. It would be his first national of the season with a race bike.

Following grueling 16-9 motos for eleventh overall—nipping Tommy Hahn for top privateer—Weeck’s number was called. NBC Sports pit reporter Georgia Lindsey wanted to speak with the Washington native. Weeck was placed in front of thousands of viewers. He would get the chance to rep his sponsors—and himself—a position privateers don’t always find themselves in. Weeck handled it like a professional, smiling the entire time—even when talking about his limited opportunities.

“I have a very tight group of a few people helping make this happen, [and] for me to get to express some of the emotions after the race was great,” Weeck told us via text. “Hopefully we can pick some more sponsors up to make more rounds and keep getting better bikes.”

Weeck will miss the next two rounds, but hopes to return at Utah. 
Weeck will miss the next two rounds, but hopes to return at Utah.  Photo: Simon Cudby

Weeck will continue to work hard. Waiting for his chance. Unfortunately, his next opportunity to showcase himself likely won’t come until the final round of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross at the Utah National. 

“I’m working my butt of to be at Utah,” said Weeck. “[I] would like to get in their and claim a top privateer spot again and try and land myself something for 2015. [I] would love to find a position I fit in to ride a full season next year on a solid bike. Still early, but I always love to be at the AMA races.”

There’s no telling what lies ahead for Weeck, or when he will get another chance. But one thing will remain constant: he’ll continue pushing for when the opportunity presents itself.