Open Mic: Your Questions, Wil Hahn’s Answers

Open Mic Your Questions, Wil Hahn’s Answers

April 21, 2014 11:50am

GEICO Honda’s Wil Hahn is on the mend from a big crash at the St. Louis Supercross. Couch time is bad for racers but good for us, because we’ve trapped him into answering some questions—from you!

Using the #askwil hashtag on the @racerxonline Twitter account last week, we collected a bunch of questions for the 2013 250SX East Champion. We put together the 23 best questions for #23 and he fired back these answers.

Crash Adams @plugfouler44

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 #askwil what's it like training and staying in centerville with @kdub_14

It's pretty special, really a dream come true. His entire family took me in as one of their own! Although, Kevin couldn't hang with the training…


Kyle Smith @foxrider0564

@racerxonline do you have any advice for someone who wants to go pro? #wilhahn23

You have to be 100 percent dedicated. But at the same time you HAVE to keep it fun. I'm a firm believer in that.  


Andrew Eagle @EagleOneAbove

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 which monster girl would you like to date? #askwil

Am I greedy to say all of them? 

Hahn hopes to be back on the bike in 6-8 weeks. 
Hahn hopes to be back on the bike in 6-8 weeks.  Photo: Simon Cudby

Travis walker @102Walker

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 is @kdub_14 's wife a good cook? #askwil

You have no idea!!! Southern comfort at its finest. 


Crash Adams @plugfouler44

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 if u wouldn't have made it pro MX what do u see urself doin for a living #askwil

Without a doubt there wouldn’t be a dirtbike in my life. I would be back in Belpre, Kansas, farming. 


Tallon Veater @Veater325

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 favorite free ride spot? #askwil

I haven't been to too many. But I know with all my boys that the river in GBK was a prime spot. 


mim damo @94mim

Hey @WilHahn23 @racerxonline is Vegas special to you now at all after last year? #askwil

Yeah, it always will be for sure! But that town is trouble….


E.McBee @EricaMcBee

@WilHahn23 what are your tattoos? Maybe some close up pictures? C: #askwil

They're all for family and special things in my path of life that have meant a lot to me.  


KK1061/Calen @KtoZehK

@racerxonline #askwil What was the brand and size of your first motocross bike?

A Honda ATC50 three wheeler! Does that explain my squirrelly style? 


Coy Boy @therealmccoy268

@WilHahn23 why won't you wrestle me #askwil

Cause you can't fight your way out of a wet paper sack. I feel bad for you. 


Roger Gould @Roger_Gould

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 Whats your favorite track off pakXemh's HighlyOverdue album? #askwil

The Mind State, for sure. 


Bolt Speedman @CCotter304

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 #askwil what is your favorite memory you have of Loretta Lynn's as a racer?

One of my few moto wins there: 250 A battle with Josh Hill in 2006. It was a breakout for me. 


Bethany Hughes @BethAKneeHughes

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 when is the kansas boy kansas bound? #followtheyellowbrickroad

I'll be there for our race in September. Hope you are, too!


Dustin Goodwin @667Rippa

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 Do you still have the xr250, how gnarly can you whip that thing? #askwil

You better believe I still got her! And it would blow your mind! 


Core Mx @gmfs29

@racerxonline #askwil what's the difference in mind set from your first year as a pro to the weeks before A1?  

Always the same, although I have more confidence as a racer now and I know my program has me ready.  


Steve Matthes @pulpmx

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 Has you ever refused an internet radio show interview?

Just Pulp MX.  


Tyler Miller @Tmill1010

How's the arm doing after surgery @WilHahn23 #askwil

It's getting there. I did some pretty good damage to my bicep. So it's tough, but for what it was, I'm doing great 


Jimmy Warren @Jimbo_rooski

@racerxonline why are you dropping back to the 250 for outdoor season? Your choice or geico honda? #askwil

I'm not. I will be on my 450 when I return. 


Paige Craig @_paigecraig

@racerxonline @WilHahn23 what is the real story with yours and @Captain891's realtionship? #askwil #weareallconcerned

We love each other. Any other explanation needed?

Hahn had five top ten finishes before his injury. 
Hahn had five top ten finishes before his injury.  Photo: Simon Cudby

Ty @Ty_Knight99

How hard is it to be a rookie in one of the most stacked 450 classes ever? #askwil @racerxonline

Humbling. And a blast so far.  I wish I were still battling with everyone! 


Ryde Gear @RydeGear

@willhahn23 excited to see your bro race again on the big stage? #askwil

Yeah. I hope he gets a good chance and can come back strong!


Gwyn Foss @gwynfoss

@WilHahn23 When will you be back on the bike? #askwil

Hopefully in the next 6-8 weeks.  


Austin @Hondaracer1301

Was your last crash your worst crash? If not what is? #askwil

Yeah it was definitely a bad crash. I had a really bad one in 2011 too, which I think was worse. But truthfully, I don't remember much of either!