Bench Racing Ammo:  Reed Vs. Stewart

Bench Racing Ammo Reed Vs. Stewart

December 25, 2013 4:30pm

It's the bench racing gift that keeps on giving--in fact, now it's become Christmas tradition. A year ago, we posted this story on James Stewart and Chad Reed, where we essentially took the day off and asked you to hash out the best of Stew v Reed in the comments section. It worked so well that we're just going to run the same basic thing here. Ready?

The thirteenth professional racing season in the U.S. looms for both Stewart and Reed in 2014, which means the longest-running rivalry in the sport's history is still going. Newbies like The Ryans have moved in on the championship turf, so we're not sure how many more times we'll see James versus Chad alone out front for the win. Like Clark Griswold being told he had to be nice to Uncle Lewis because “He's old and it could be his last Christmas,” we need to enbrace Reed/Stewart while it's still around. The Ryans have chosen to take the high road and shy away from the drama. Where's the fun in that?

Reed/Stewart makes the perfect gift. Stewart has been called the fastest man on the planet (yup, we went there) and could be closing in on second all-time in SX wins if he logs a good season. Reed can be called the most consistent in the game, though, with the most supercross podiums ever. Both have two career SX titles and are very close in career wins. And such close competition has boiled over to off-track drama the likes of which we might not ever see again (although quietly, the Justin Barcia fans are rubbing their hands together).

But we've spent (over) a dozen years writing and talking about Stewart/Reed. And, it's Christmas and we've got stuff to do. However, if today's family time starts to lag, and if you want to head to your favorite supercross and motocross website for a break (thanks!), why not spread a little Christmas cheer with a post below? Lets blow out Stewart v. Reed one more time (again). Who has had the better career? Who will be better this year? What are you favorite moments? What has changed since we posted pretty much the exact same thing in this space last year?

You write the story. Merry Christmas to us.