XMas Countdown: Day 2+2

XMas Countdown: Day 2+2

December 21, 2012 8:00am

Polisport Folding Bike Stand

Space Savings

Strong- for bikes up to 510Lbs!

Built-in carry handle

Injection Molded Rubber Top

Available in 8 colors

Sug. Retail Price $104.95



Fuel v.2 Sweat X-M Cyan / Orange Offset

MSRP $65

Clear lens and goggle bag included

Medium fit

New, Sweat-X F.A.T 3-Layer Face Foam

New, Ergonomic Outrigger Positioning System

Red Mirror Performance Lens Roll/Tear Offs

Compatible Lens with in-Lens Tear Offs Posts Custom Frame and Strap Graphics Ultra-Wide,

Silicone-Backed Strap Utilizes Fuel Lenses