RF Motorsports Partners with ACTIONETIX

December 6, 2012 9:55am
TORONTO, ON – Action Brands Inc., the company behind the fastest-growing sports performance brand for Action Sports athletes, ACTIONETIX™, today announced they’ve partnered with the RF Motorsports USA team for the 2013 AMA Pro Supercross and Motocross season.

“We had such a good partnership in 2012 with the team that it made perfect sense to partner with them again for 2013,” comments Craig Stevenson, Founder and CEO of Action Brands Inc. “The team is classified as a privateer team, and this setup is the heart and soul of professional motocross. Without strong privateer teams like RF Motorsports USA, the starting gates would be pretty bare every weekend.”

The RF Motorsports USA team will once again be using HemoFlo™ to combat the debilitating condition known as arm pump. HemoFlo is a clinically proven sports supplement innovation exclusively designed to help Action Sports athletes who depend on their grip for success. Not only does HemoFlo increase the performance of these athletes, but it also allows them to compete with more enjoyment and safety. The RF Motorsports USA team will be using HemoFlo, and now every racer from coast to coast can easily get their hands on HemoFlo by going to select GNC locations or through top-rated motorsports outlets like MotoSport.com.

“We’re super pumped to have ACTIONETIX back as a key sponsor for 2013. All of our guys used HemoFlo in 2012 and it really works. Collin Jurin won’t ride without it now as it has all but eliminated his arm pump issues,” notes the owner of RF Motorsports USA Rob Flagler. “Our partnership with ACTIONETIX is a true advantage over other teams.”

According to Stevenson, “Off road motorcycle racing is one of the most challenging sports on the planet, and to perform at an elite level in front of millions of fans, takes every ounce of physical, mental and mechanical preparation possible. Losing a race because of arm pump is a common occurrence, and we’re here to help fix that problem. We are extremely excited about the RF Motorsports USA team this year as they pursue their goal of winning races and entertaining the fans around the world.”