Your Collection: MXoN Memorabilia

October 1, 2012 9:15am

This weeks collection comes to us from Mark.

With the Motocross of nations coming up soon I thought I would send a couple pictures of  what I got from  my friend JC Waterhouse who at the time was the parts coordinator at factory Honda. I met him at Unadilla  for the 86 Des nations. I know just the teams and no spectators  got what says is a supplementary regulations booklet but there is a track map inside where RJ, Jeff Ward and Hannaha were showing each other what lines they were taking. He Also gave me a set of Oakleys RJ's  used that day. The foam on them dried up and fell off long ago so i got rid of them but kept the booklet.  When we got to the track on race day the track was so awesome but then is started raining again and never stopped. I enjoyed every minute of the racing anyway.

- Mark