Renegade Fuels Southwick Report

August 16, 2012 10:35am

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship
Renegade Fuels Race Report for Moto-X 338 - Southwick, MA

Renegade Fuels would again shine at Southwick with 10 of the top 15 overall riders in the Lites class. Renegade has been very consistent in fueling riders to the podium. When it comes to the Lites class where riders at this level are looking for every advantage in performance, they all look to the same fuel, Renegade SX4plus. It has quickly become the fuel that has set the standard for all other fuels to strive towards. Renegade Fuels R&D Director, Josh Pitts, stated “ Renegade had a good overall weekend at Southwick. We would see some of the best teams in the industry, Geico, Star Yamaha, and Rockstar Suzuki rely on the sx4plus product in the deep sand of Southwick. It was also awesome to see Eleven 10 Mods rider Alex Martin bust into the top ten this week with two solid moto scores of 8-6 for 7th overall. We are excited about watching this point chase in the Lites class and the WMX class go right down the final round. All of us here at Renegade don’t have any down time after the outdoors is over as we are already working toward the upcoming Supercross season”.

Renegade Fuels would see the following riders finish strong at Southwick with the following overall scores.

450 Overall

1.Ryan Dungey 1-2 KTM

2.Mike Alessi 2-3 Suz

3.Broc Tickle 6-4 Kaw

4.Davi Millsaps 7-6 Yam

5.Tyla Rattray 20-1 Kaw

6.Mike Brown 9-7 KTM

7.Josh Grant 8-8 Kaw

8.Andrew Short 5-11 Hon

9.Kyle Chisholm 11-9 Kaw

10.Tommy Hahn 3-35 Hon

11.Robbie Marshall 4-32 KTM

12.Michael Byrne 40-5 Suz

13.Kevin Rookstool 14-12 Hon

14.John Dowd 10-16 Kaw

15.Christian Craig 15-15 Hon

16.Les Smith 37-10 KTM

17.Ben LaMay 18-14 Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

18.Jake Weimer 13-19 Kaw

19.Bobby Kiniry 12-21 Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

20.Phil Nicoletti 35-13 Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

21.Josh Hill 16-39 Kaw

22.Kyle Regal 33-17 Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

23.Austin Howell 17-23 Suz

24.Derek Anderson 26-18 Kaw

25.Justin Brayton 19-33 Hon

26.Cole Martinez 24-20 Kaw

27.Jason Thomas 21-22 Suz

28.Kurt Caselli 25-24 KTM

29.Seth Rarick 23-28 KTM

30.Todd Krieg 27-26 KTM

31.Dalton Carlson 22-34 Yam

32.Michael Giese 32-25 Yam

33.Shawn MacDonald 30-29 Hon

34.Ricky Renner 29-31 KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

35.Ryan Blizzard 34-30 KTM

36.Dakota Kessler 39-27 Hon

37.Michael Stryker 28-38 KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

38.Heath Harrison 31-36 Hon

39.Vince Friese 38-37 Suz

40.Matt Lemoine 36-40 Kaw/Renegade Racing Fuels


250 Overall

1.Blake Baggett 3-1 Kaw

2.Eli Tomac 1-3 Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

3.Ken Roczen 4-2 KTM

4.Marvin Musquin 2-5 KTM

5.Justin Barcia 7-4 Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

6.Malcolm Stewart 6-7 KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

7.Alex Martin 8-6 Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

8.Jessy Nelson 5-11 Hon

9.Travis Baker 10-10 Hon

10.Ryan Sipes 12-12 Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

11.Justin Bogle 11-13 Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

12.Jason Anderson 37-8 Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

13.Wil Hahn 21-9 Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

14.Blake Wharton 9-28 Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

15.Cole Thompson 13-18 Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

16.Jacob Hayes 16-16 KTM

17.Tony Lorusso 15-17 Suz

18.Zack Freeberg 33-14 KTM

19.Shawn Rife 14-29 Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

20.Martin Davalos 35-15 Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

21.Tevin Tapia 17-37 KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

22.Joey Peters 18-31 Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

23.AJ Catanzaro 23-19 KTM

24.Chris Canning 19-22 Hon

25.Vann Martin 24-20 Hon

26.Ryan Zimmer 20-21 Hon

27.Gannon Audette 27-24 KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

28.Demetri Angelo 26-27 KTM

29.Austin Phelps 29-25 Kaw

30.Sean Hackley Jr. 22-33 KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

31.Dylan Schmoke 30-26 Kaw

32.Ozzy Barbaree 28-30 Suz

33.Jackson Richardson 36-23 Hon

34.Daniel Herrlein 31-32 Hon

35.Mike McDade 25-39 Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

36.Ben Robinson 32-34 Kaw

37.Dakota Tedder 34-35 Kaw

38.Justin Starling 39-36 KTM

39.Jake Canada 40-38 Hon

40.Zach Bell 38-40 Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels


WMX Overall

1.Ashley Fiolek 1-1 Hon

2.Jessica Patterson 2-2 Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

3.Sara Pettersson 4-4 KTM


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