Bench Racing Ammo: Dungey's Run Up the Record Books

Bench Racing Ammo Dungey's Run Up the Record Books

July 11, 2012 12:15pm
The stats are quickly piling up for Ryan Dungey, which is what happens when you win eight-straight motos and four-straight overalls in the 450 Class of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. Dungey, at just 22, lives by his “nothing is ever enough” mantra, and by combining that work ethic with his penchant for staying healthy and consistent for the long haul, he’s expected to be hauling in wins and championships for quite some time.

Where does he stand at the moment? Dungey’s win at RedBud puts him into a tie for fourth all-time in 450 Class wins, tied with 1981 and 1982 Champion Kent “The Rhinestone Cowboy” Howerton and, ironically, James Stewart, who Dungey will most likely battle this weekend. We’re looking at a very real chance that Dungey or Stewart will break that tie and move into fourth on the list solo, with Ricky Johnson (22 wins) and Howerton’s old rival Bob Hannah (27 wins) ahead. And no one is catching Ricky Carmichael who has 76 wins.

Dungey has seven 250 MX wins, which is only good enough for about 20th on the all-time list (Dungey is tied with five others with those seven wins). He has 11 SX wins, which is just a blip on the radar in that class. In two and a half years in the big bike class outdoors, this is where Dungey has done the most damage.

Ryan Dungey has won 31 of the 58 motos he's entered in his 450 Class career.
Simon Cudby photo

How much damage? Check out these three crazy stats that MX Sports disseminated last week before RedBud:

1. Ryan Dungey has won 31 of the 58 motos he's entered in his 450 Class career (53%), claiming the overall in 17 of 29 races (58%).

2. Through his first 29 career 450 Class races, Ricky Carmichael captured 21 overall victories. Ryan Dungey has claimed 17 wins in his first 29 starts and already sits sixth on the all-time wins list, just one behind Stewart and Kent Howerton (he’s since tied them, as mentioned above).

3. Carmichael also earned 1,275 career points through the first 29 races of his 450 Class career, while Dungey has amassed 1,293 over that same span.

More points than RC at this point in his career!

Yes, Dungey’s main competition was out in 2010 due to injuries, illness and other ailments, and a similar fate has been bestowed on them in 2012. But wins are wins. Dungey has a whole bunch already, and chances are many more are to come. The record book doesn’t have a what-if category, and it doesn’t have asterisks. Someday, when Dungey is retired, we’ll just remember him as one of the baddest dudes to ever race in the premier class outdoors.

Dungey has scored more points in his career than RC at this point.
Simon Cudby photo