Luke Clout at MX-207

July 3, 2012 1:35pm

Luke Clout was recently in the Maine and made sure to get a few laps in at MX-207. Despite coming two days before our quad race and the bikes being out numbered, he still managed to lay down what may be the fastest lap; 1:54 is the fastest that we've seen/know of.  This didn't come as much of a surprise though, since his corner speed was all there and he was getting his 250f over the triple and the 105' like it was nothing.

The Maine State Motocross Championship race is less than 3 weeks away.  The staff is starting to get the place ready, and riders are beginning to further familiarize themselves with the course.  July 21st & 22nd will be races you don't want to miss.  The pitbike races, freestyle show, and live music at night shall be nice, and even better will be the track.  We can assure you that the track will be 110%.  Berms on berms on berms, with plenty of screened dirt to make it just that much better.  So make sure you're free the weekend of the 21st and come up to race for the cup.

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