Swizcorner: High Point

June 11, 2012 1:55pm

The class which has always been considered the seat-of-your-pants, unpredictable, inconsistent feeder-class to the “premier” class, has once again more than made up for the lack of a battle for the top spot in the MX1 class.


Strangely, it is exactly those characteristics that have made the racing so great during these first four rounds. The clincher though, is that these traits are affecting the same four riders from weekend to weekend.

In Hangtown it was Eli Tomac finishing 5th and appearing to be a bit shell-shocked after having won the West SX2 title. Blake Baggett, who had been target fixated on Hangtown about 3 races into the SX2 East series, simply dominated the opening round even though Justin Barcia and Ken Roczen spent most of their time in Hangtown leading laps.

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