Hangtown Practice Report

Hangtown Practice Report

May 19, 2012 3:15pm

The action is under way here at here at the FMF Hangtown Motocross Classic, presented by Coors Light, and it’s shaping up to be a great day of racing. The sun is shining, a large crowd has already settled into the hills surrounding the track, and as always, the Dirt Diggers have prepared an excellent racing surface for the opening round of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Speaking of the track, the layout is similar to how it’s always been, with a few minor changes. The start stretch is considerably shorter than it’s been in the past, and the final section of the track has been changed so that racers cross the finish line jumping toward the grandstands, instead of away from them. A lot of the guys seem to be having a tough time figuring out the fast line through a short whoop section several turns before the finish line, and the area could end up being a hot spot for passes. The track is a little dryer than last year, which should result in a track that’s slightly less choppy. That said, the track is still very rough, and will continue to get rougher as the motos progress.

The fastest lap times hovered around the two-minute mark, with James Stewart being the only rider able to dip below that time with a 1:58.579. It’s no surprise that Stewart is fast, but he also didn’t look like he was pushing hard at all out there. If he does indeed have more in the tank, things could get ugly this summer. Davi Millsaps was second fastest (2:00.409), then Mike Alessi (2:00.826), Brett Metcalfe (2:00.860),  Broc Tickle (2:01.169), and Nico Izzi (2:01.216). Ryan Dungey qualified eleventh with a (2:01.710), while Tyla Rattray was fifteenth fastest with a 2:02.361. If you’re following veteran Ryan Huges this weekend, you’ll be happy to know that he qualified inside the top twenty in eighteenth with a 2:03.418.

Stewart threw down the fastest lap of the day with a 1:58.579.
Simon Cudby photo

In the 250 ranks, there was no stopping Blake Baggett, who set the fastest overall time, a 2:00.696, near the end of the first session. Lap times were roughly three seconds longer in the second session, which Eli Tomac topped with a 2:03.217. Behind Baggett, the fastest overall laps were Tomac (2:01.161), Justin Barcia (2:01.685), Ken Roczen (2:01.936) and Jason Anderson (2:02.162). Dean Wilson, who looked like he was cruising, finished eighth in the first session with a 2:03.363. Ivan Tedesco looked fast, but spent both sessions hanging around the tenth spot. His fastest time came from the first session with a 2:04.252.

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