On Track School and Mini O's

November 16, 2011 9:25am
It's time for another amateur national! Mini Olympics kicks off again next week, and On Track School will be on site! Be sure to stop by the On Track School booth and check out what we are all about!  On Track School will be set up to answer any questions about our educational program, and how it helps athletes achieve educational goals.  If you are considering a private virtual education, make sure you stop by and talk with On Track's learning coaches to find out exactly how the school works, and the level of curriculum that On Track provides. Also, learning coaches will be on site to help assist any currently enrolled students with their assignments and any extra instruction they may need!  For more information on On Track School, visit www.ontrackschool.com, www.facebook.com/ontrackschool, and www.twitter.com/ontrackschool.