One Industries  Thursday Rev Up: Millville

One Industries Thursday Rev Up Millville

July 14, 2011 9:40am

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. Time to get back to work. As the 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships prepares for the second half, both championships hang in the balance. It’s been quite the spectacle thus far with huge crowds, fist pumping race action, and a strong vibe of, “who’s it going to be this time?” While The Thunder has been choke slamming the comp in the 450 class, it has been an even more vulgar display of power with the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit crew in the 250 class.

Before I go any further, we all need to take a quick second and be grateful for the show we’ve seen so far. The TV has been strong, the tracks have been to die for, and in the middle of these “times” we’re living in, our sport has remained steadfast and is, yes, we can all pound our chests and scream, “GROWING!” Motocross, son! Our sport! Thank you to all of the sponsors, promoters, everyone that has sacrificed a TON to make sure we get to see gates drop. And not just in that slight, we’re getting to see a real product. I’m a proud and happy fan.

The crowds have been out in full force all season.
Photo: Andrew Fredrickson

And if things weren’t going good already, it’s time to take the charge to beautiful Millville, MN. Home of Donny Schmit. A true moto paradise that has a half dozen “Renthal Ad” moments throughout her rough, “Loamaha” track surface.

I’m done with the summer party. The smoke from the holiday fireworks has subsided. It’s time to pound the rock, become an animal, and go after these championship titles. And it’s time for us to get the shoulders back as we prepare to take it all in. Let’s roll.


Say what you want, but the Monster Energy/PC Juggernaut is going to continue to roll over these guys. I still don’t like it. I miss the days when the factories had some ringers in there to shake things up. It was cool when guys like Jeff Emig, Doug Henry, and even way, way more back in the day Guy “Airtime” Cooper would drop down to the tiddler class after Supercross to throw down. But, back then we bitched because there wasn’t enough competition in the premier division. I remember three full seasons of Mike Kiedrowski and Mike Larocco winning almost every national. Satellite teams came to fruition and for a while there was some true parity. Now, the PC team just owns the show. It’s so strong, that it even has the greatest battles within itself. Who’s it going to be? Rattray, series point leader Dean Wilson, or “Bad” Blake Baggett? I’ll tell you right now that as much fun as it must be to watch his team kick the teeth out of everyone, he is going to have to massage some tense moments in his hauler in the next month.

I’m looking for Wil Hahn to yank some holeshots and get into the middle of it. I’m calling for him to bang the opening holy right here and now? Anyone want action?

Wilson leads the PC juggernaut, but has teammates Blake Baggett and Tyla Rattry breathing down his neck.
Photo: Andrew Fredrickson


Everyone just better get ready to see six rounds of t-shirt swinging, beer-crushing, tonsil stretching noise with these boys. I have to give the nod to Chad Reed as being the undisputed, poop where ever he pleases, alpha male of the summer. He’s only lost one second moto all year and carries the point lead into the second half holding a stellar set of cards. The man has confidence, experience, and born again hard stamina. What can possibly stop him from earning his second outdoor title?

I give you the two Ryan’s. Each, a mountain of talent and determination. Which one do you think has the juice to climb into the ring and swing with Reedy? Both of them do. RV Park has shown he is ready to show up and blow up anytime they make the call to head to the starting line. He’s had a rough opening to the nationals, but look for him to get into the fuel and stay there for the rest of the summer. That’s one mean red head, folks.

And how about defending champion, Ryan Dungey? Milleville arrives at the most opportune time for it’s new favorite son. One of my favorite recent quotes came from my brother’s bossman, Richard Childress when he said, “The greatest victories come when preparation meets opportunity.” Suffice to say that RD5 has been preparing for the second half of the series and as he gets to kick it off with a visit to his home track, where he truly carries the mail, look for him to make a statement.

Will Reed be celebrating another victory at Millville?
Photo: Andrew Fredrickson

It isn’t over with each of our divisions. I’m going to go so far as to say we haven’t seen the real show yet. But it’s coming.

In closing, man, I’m so stoked for motocross right now that I'm almost choked up. Call me soft, but it ain’t like that. More like the smoke escaping from the stack of a freight train instead of tears. We’re taking the charge to Millville! Home of one of the coolest and greatest American champions ever. Site of the only time in motocross history that a man lapped second place. Coincidentally the same man rode to the last win in the greatest career of all-time! Carmichael remembers Millville. You damn right.

And there's a bunch, guys. There’s just been a lot around lately...I just heard from my man Chad Pederson that he is going to taking it to the line this weekend. We all go through a lot growing up in this sport and we continue to go through a lot. Chad Pederson, back in the day #315, was one of my heroes along with #47 Jeff Emig, #360 Denny Stephenson, and #82 Brent Peterson. Those guys used to go nuts back on the tracks on the Midwest and shaped me into the racer I would become. They’re all still my heroes, but among them the last man standing and able to pack a gate at an outdoor national is “Swap.” Go get some, bro.

The GOAT en route to lapping the field at Millville in '06.
Photo: Carl Stone

Motocross, folks. Motocross gave my family and I the greatest and most unexpected life we never saw coming. I just feel so lucky that I still get to write about it. I love writing to you guys about it. We’ve only missed a week, but it feels like a year. I’m ready to see what’s going to happen this time. I’m ready to watch what we love continue to grow and blow all of our minds.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.