450 Moto 2 Report: High Point

450 Moto 2 Report: High Point

June 11, 2011 4:30pm
Just when it seemed like we were going to escape High Point without a drop of rain, Mother Nature was kind enough to blast the track for the better part of fifteen minutes before finally letting up. This made it quite difficult on the 450 guys as they had to deal with muddy track conditions early.

Mike Alessi was up to his old tricks again, grabbing the holeshot, followed closely by Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, Davi Millsaps and Ryan Villopoto. Dungey would take a soil sample early and drop back to seventh, giving Alessi some breathing room.

Alessi would open up a huge early lead as Millsaps and Reed fought over second. It looked as if Alessi was going to walk away with the race, but he would crash mid-way through the moto giving up the lead to Chad Reed.

Alessi would drop two more spots late in the moto before taking a fourth-place finish. Dungey would make a late charge but could only make his way up to third. Villopoto took second and his first overall of the season followed by mud specialist Kevin Windham in fifth.

This marked Chad Reed’s fourth moto win in six tries. Reed is beginning to look like the Chad Reed of 2009, and that could be a scary thought for the rest of the field.


450 Moto 2 Results: High Point

  1. Reed
  2. Villopoto
  3. Dungey
  4. Alessi
  5. Windham
  6. Dietrich
  7. Hahn
  8. Wey
  9. Metcalfe
  10. Weimer
  11. Noren
  12. Peick
  13. Short
  14. Bright
  15. Byrne
  16. Chisholm
  17. Simmonds
  18. Smith
  19. Rookstool
  20. Craig