St. Louis Final Practice Report

St. Louis Final Practice Report

April 9, 2011 6:55pm
Practice is complete here at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, and Edward Jones himself would have to be pumped over the show about to be put on in his house. Luckily, he’s invited a pretty big crowd of friends over to watch it, as the stands seem much more crowded than they normally do for practice. And the pits are absolutely positively jammed!

Out on the track, one section gave a few 250 riders fits. There’s a 180 degree left followed by a small roller and then a bigger jump. Most riders hit the roller, bounced into the second jump, wheel tapped, and got over the third jump. But then Malcolm Stewart didn’t clear the third jump and went down hard. Practice had to be red flagged while Stewart got some attention from the Asterisk Medic Staff. He later walked off under his own power, and practice resumed, only for Blake Baggett to do the exact same thing in the exact same spot.

After that session, the Durt Wurx crew came out and redesigned the jumps, making the second jump much bigger and the third jump much smaller. The 450 bikes came out next, and they had to soak up the second jump hard to avoid over jumping through the section.

As far as times go, Sipes led the way again with a 48.6, and Baggett’s 49.1 held up for second. It’s worth noting that Baggett was on his way to another fast lap when he crashed, so he could have more in the main event. After the crash, he got back up and rode to the mechanic’s area—he and Stewart should be good for the main event tonight.

Dean Wilson rounded out the second session with a 49.3, Matt Lemoine had a 49.6 and Justin Barcia a 49.9.

In the Supercross class, Trey Canard spent most of the session at the top of the leader board. Ryan Villopoto and Austin Stroupe (yes, Austin Stroupe, who looks very fast and confident tonight) hung with Canard and exchanged some fast times in the top three, but then James Stewart ratcheted it up, ran a 47.8 and took the top spot.

At that point, it seemed like Stewart holding the fastest time would be a foregone conclusion—after all he was over a second faster than anyone else in the first session. But Trey Canard refused to lose! He came back and logged a 47.5 to top Stewart’s 47.8. And Stewart had a 47.6 in the first session, which makes Canard fastest overall. He’s on a roll!

And credit to Stroupe, who logged a 48.4 for third in that second session. After a crash in the first session, Villopoto was back and feeling fine in session two, taking a 48.5. Dungey (48.9) Reed (48.97) Short (49.2) and Ivan Tedesco rounded out the field. Kevin Windham had a hard crash, but like Baggett and Malcolm Stewart, he got up slowly but under his own power.

At this point in the season everyone is suffering from bumps and bruises. It’s down to the final push for these last four races. Stay tuned to our twitter account @racerxonline to follow us live throughout the night.