Racer X Injury Report: Indianapolis

Racer X Injury Report Indianapolis

March 11, 2011 11:30am
Jimmy Albertson – Knee
Comment: Albertson crashed on the third lap of his second qualifying session at Anaheim 1 and caught his leg under the bike. He underwent ACL surgery in late January and is planning on returning during outdoors on a Merge Racing/Donnell's-backed Honda.

Jeff Alessi – Foot
Comment: From the Alessi Weekly newsletter: Jeff will be on the mend for a about 2 weeks with a small bone (metacarpal) broken in his foot.

Derek Anderson – Back
Comment: Still suffering the effects from a crash at the Pala national. He compressed his back causing a herniated disk. He will most likely be out all of the 2011 SX season but hopes to return to action at the start of the outdoors.

Albertson won't return until the outdoor season after an injury at A1.
Photo: Simon Cudby

Travis Baker – Finger
Comment: Travis broke his middle finger in half and lacerated his index finger open. He’s healed up and has been released by his doctor and plans on riding next week.

Justin Barcia – Wrist
Comment: Barcia has two broken bones in his wrist but plans on riding the rest of the SX series with a protective brace.

Daniel Blair – Leg and Back
Comment: Fractured his femur, L4 and L5 vertebrae in a practice crash at Anaheim II. Please visit the link to below to view a video from Daniel, where he explains his crash, his injuries and his future. http://vimeo.com/20306553. Also, a PayPal account has been set up to help Daniel and his family. If you are in a position to donate, please click HERE.

Kyle Chisholm – Ribs/Lungs
Comment: The MotoConcepts rider is out of the hospital and doing better every day. “Just a little stiff from the broken ribs and the two holes from the chest tubes,” Kyle told us. “I started some light exercising this week as I can do that at the moment. I have a check up in one week and will hopefully have a better prognosis on my lung and when I can get back to riding.”

Christian Craig – Knee
Comment: Tore the patella tendon from the bone and had surgery to reattach. He was recently released by his doctor and is going to start riding next week.

Baker plans to start riding next week and make his return at Seattle.
Photo: Simon Cudby

Darryn Durham – Foot
Comment: Broke a bone in his foot after colliding with Dean Wilson in their heat race in Houston. According to his Twitter updates, he’s very excited to start riding on Monday and is hoping to race in Jacksonville.

Matt Goerke – Ankle
Comment: Sprained his ankle in Daytona but he has recovered and is racing Indy.

Josh Grant - Knee
Comment: In a statement released by Honda, Josh Grant recently underwent additional surgery to his right knee today to repair his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), the result of an injury he sustained at the Phoenix SX. Josh is expected to make a full recovery and it’s anticipated he will make a return to racing early in the summer.

Josh Greco – Ankle
Comment: Crashed in qualifying at A1 and broke his ankle. Underwent surgery and hopes to be ready by Seattle.

Tommy Hahn – Ribs
Comment: Bruised ribs and tore cartilage in his thoracic cage in a crash in Atlanta. According to his team manager, he’s expected to return in Jacksonville.

Wil Hahn – Back
Comment: Crashed during the first practice session at Anaheim 1 and landed on his back, which resulted in a compression fracture of his T-5 vertebra. He just started riding this past week but still no word on when he’ll be lining up behind a starting gate.

After a few hard crashes in back to back weeks, Metcalfe is taking the week off to heal.
Photo: Simon Cudby

Josh Hansen – Finger
Comment: On the mend but should be 100 percent by time the West Region resumes in Seattle.

Austin Howell – Ribs and lung
Comment: Austin has three broken ribs and bruised lung resulting form the practice crash at Anaheim 2. Shea Racing expects him to return at the Seattle SX.

Chris Howell - Wrist
Comment: The Spokane, WA, privateer broke his wrist just days prior to Anaheim 1 and is hoping to return to action in Seattle.

Brett Metcalfe – Misc.
Comment: The combination of hard crashes the past two weeks is forcing the Rockstar/Makita Suzuki pilot to the sidelines for this weekend’s race in Indy. Says Metcalfe: “We’re still in one piece but I think it’s best that I sit this week out to let myself recover a bit and prepare to come back for Jacksonville.”

Marvin Musquin – Knee
Comment: Actively rehabbing the knee he injured last November at the Bercy SX. He goes to physical therapy a few times a week and then works with his personal trainer about five days a week. He expects to be back on the bike in the beginning of April. His first race is set to be the USGP at Glen Helen before heading to the U.S. MX Nationals.

Kyle Regal – Wrist
Comment: Injured his wrist while practicing in Florida the week prior to the Daytona Supercross. A medical evaluation revealed broken bones in his wrist, including the scaphoid bone, and it is expected that he’ll be out the remainder of the supercross season.

Regal is out for the rest of the supercross series after breaking his wrist last week.
Photo: Simon Cudby

James Stewart – Entire body
Comment: James tweeted earlier this week that he’s a little sore after his crash in Daytona, but he’s fine and ready to go for Indy.

Austin Stroupe – Ankle
Comment: According to his team manager, Austin had a nasty crash at Milestone the Tuesday prior to the Atlanta SX and sprained his right ankle. Initially it was thought to be broken, but it turned out to just be severely bruised and swollen. He will sit out Daytona and Indy and will hopefully be back for the Jacksonville SX on March 19.

Gareth Swanepoel – Back

Comment: Was diagnosed with a compressed T 12 vertebra after he crashed in his qualifying heat in Houston. “At this moment the plan is to have him return for outdoors,” says team coordinator, Donovan Mitchell. “But there’s a slim chance he might race last few east rounds, not sure yet.”

Tevin Tapia – Wrist
Comment: Tevin was expected to debut for Shea Racing at Houston, but broke and dislocated his wrist only days prior to the race. It is not yet clear when he will return to action.

Stewart is bruised but not broken after a nasty crash at Daytona.
Photo: Simon Cudby

Ian Trettel – Head
Comment: Ian crashed in practice at Daytona and suffered a head injury. According to a team press release issued Thursday, the accident caused bleeding as well as swelling in his brain and both have been stabilized with medical and surgical interventions. At this time, Ian remains in critical condition, but he is now stable and we expect his condition to improve from this point forward.

Rhett Urseth – Shoulder
Comment: Separated his left shoulder in San Diego, but he'll be back in action for Seattle.

Bryce Vallee:  Wrist
Comment: Bryce fractured the scaphoid bone in his left wrist prior to the season and underwent surgery to repair. His return will depend on the healing process.

Chad Ward – Multiple
Comment: Crashed in Atlanta and reports are that he suffered a broken wrist, punctured and bruised lung, five broken ribs, broke a wing off of his spine and a concussion.

Jake Weimer – Arm
Comment: Started riding recently but no official word on when he’ll return to action.

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