2010 Fox Spring Racewear Available

January 25, 2010 9:17pm
The newly released  2010 Fox Racing Spring Lineup is available now at www.mxprints.com
Order your set of the Limited production Fox 360 Vortex Black/Green Gear and the Platinum Black/Yellow Gear Set worn by Geico Powersports/Factory Connection Honda
View the Platinum Black/Yellow Colorway Here
View the 360 Vortex Black/Green Colorway Here
MXPrints.com is a specialty motocross apparel and graphics retailer, with the option of adding your name and number aka “Jersey ID” to the rear of your jersey. We provide the most popular brands available with many customizable options in a convenient and time-efficient way. MXPrints provides its customers the ability to purchase any product from this website with the option of personalizing it before they receive it. MXPrints offers a high-quality, high-speed alternative than purchasing, and sending it off for customization.
Adding your name and number to the rear of your jersey is simple, all you have to do is:
  1. Choose your favorite jersey(s) and select your style of lettering which is below the size drop down selector "Design".
  2. After you choose your favorite style, type the name and number you want printed in the 2 boxes "Your Name" "Your Number".
  3. Choose the colors you want printed for the name and number, outline 1 and outline 2, then add you order to the shopping cart.
Another service we offer is printing your sponsors on the front of your jersey, sleeves, rear (under the name & number), and any other area of the jersey you want it on. For sponsor logo printing please call using our toll free number is 888-330-4002, or send us an email sales@mxprints.com most logos start as low as $1.00.
We use the highest quality material on the market, our jersey graphics don’t allow the sub lamination inks of the jersey to bleed through, and will last up to 55 washings. For washing instructions and delivery time please view our FAQS page.

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If your want the same sponsor logo(s) like your favorite pro rider or race team we can load up your jersey just like theirs. Just tell us what you want and we will print it, just like Kevin Windham’s, James Stewart’s, Chad Reed’s, Andrew Short’s and many more.