Yamaha's Monday Wake-Up Call

January 4, 2010 5:00am | by:
With no major race results to report on, we decided to take a look back at Anaheim 1 results from the opening 2009 Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship, and to compare them to year-end results. First, the 450 class:

Josh Grant

Finishing Position '09 Anaheim 1 Results '09 Year-End Results
1. Josh Grant  James Stewart
2. Andrew Short  Chad Reed
3. Chad Reed  Andrew Short
4. Tim Ferry  Josh Grant
5. Ryan Villopoto  Kevin Windham
6. Ivan Tedesco  Ryan Villopoto
7. Heath Voss  Ivan Tedesco
8. Ben Coisy  Davi Millsaps
9. Nick Wey  Mike Alessi
10. Paul Carpenter  Josh Hill
11. Mike Alessi  Matt Boni
12. Davi Millsaps  Heath Voss
13. Cole Siebler  Tim Ferry
14. Matt Boni  Nick Wey
15. Kevin Windham  Paul Carpenter
16. Josh Hill  Kyle Chisholm
17. Steve Boniface  Broc Hepler
18. Bobby Kiniry  Ben Coisy
19. James Stewart  Tommy Hahn
20. Josh Summey  Jason Lawrence

Now for the 250 West class:

Finishing Position ‘09 Anaheim 1 Results ‘09 Year-End Results
1.  Jake Weimer
Ryan Dungey
2.  Ryan Morais
Jake Weimer
3.  Ryan Dungey
Ryan Morais
4.  Chris Blose
Justin Brayton
5.  Jason Lawrence
Chris Blose
6.  Ryan Sipes
Trey Canard
7.  Justin Brayton
Ryan Sipes
8.  Jeff Alessi
Jeff Alessi
9.  Ben Evans
Dan Reardon
10.  Chris Gosselaar
PJ Larsen
11.  Ryan Clark
Kyle Cunningham
12.  Sean Borkenhagen
Ben Evans
13.  Adam Chatfield
Eric McCrummen
14.  Trey Canard
Jake Moss
15.  Shaun Skinner
Sean Borkenhagen
16.  Cedric Soubeyras
Adam Chatfield
17.  Michael Sleeter
Michael Hall
18.  Michael Horban
Cole Seely
19.  Dan Reardon
Ryan Clark
20.  Kyle Cunningham
Jason Lawrence

As you can see by looking through the results, Anaheim I means quite a bit in the overall scheme of things. The top three in the Lites class were also the top three at the end of the year (just not quite in the same order), and the same could be said of the 450cc class, if not for the indomitable spirit of James Stewart, who crashed out of the race and came back to win the title.

So while Anaheim I doesn't mean everything, it has proven an incredible indicator of how the season is going to play out.