JCR/Honda Wins the 2009 Day in the Dirt "Coup De Grace"

Congratulations to JCR/Honda's Timmy Weigand who won the 12th annual A Day in the Dirt, Coup De Grace! The very popular 75 minute long GP held at the Los Angeles County Raceway MX track. This race is a mix of celebrities and top racers put together by Troy Lee & Kenny Alexander and hosted by the Stunt & Film community.

The course featuring seven story air drops and 5th gear tapped pavement sections has become one of the most anticipated races every year. Always a media bonanza, you can expect lots of photos and video surfacing in the coming weeks. What a spectactular year of winning for JCR/Honda's Timmy Weigand, a list that includes the Baja 1000 & SCORE Championship, the famed Mammoth MX national, Dodge national, ISDE Gold medal for Team USA, AMA WHS championship and now A Day in the Dirt. This is just a snap shot and we can't wait to see what Timmy has in store for 2010.

Here is a link to a video by VurbInsider.com from the 2009 A Day in the Dirt: vurbinsider.com/video/day-dirt-part-1/

In it can see Jeremy McGrath, Andrew Short, Timmy Weigand and many more.