Upcoming Nitro Circus DVD Announced

  • Chad Reed's first backflip.
  • The TP7.
The Nitro Circus Crew concluded filming in Utah this week for the soon-to-be-released Nitro Circus Country Fried DVD with more outrageous antics!

Travis Pastrana took a few hours out of his marathon mountain bike ride and Rally Car race schedule to finally land his infamous 720 flip trick that went so wrong at X Games in the summer. Travis rode out of the completed trick, but re-named it the TP7 as he still needs 20 degrees of rotation to call it perfect!

Chad Reed made a guest appearance as a Nitro Circus Crew member and took part in some explosive Supercross action caught in it's full glory on super high speed cameras. The results were incredible! As a final gesture to confirm that Chad has really joined the Circus, he rode over to the scene of Travis' TP7 and proceeded to land his first ever backflip - all on his full factory 450 Suzuki!

Catch all this action and much more Nitro Circus madness on the upcoming Nitro Circus Country Fried DVD, available in November 2009, and don't forget to tune into MTV every Thursday at 10:00 p.m. EST for a brand new episode of MTV's Nitro Circus!