Toyota/Racer X Power Rankings: Week 13

1. James Stewart: Though he’s still trailing in points, his ninth win of the 2009 season puts the L&M Yamaha rider up front.
2. Chad Reed: Eight-point lead with four races left. Can he notch another win and put the championship out of reach?
3. Josh Grant: Another solid ride moves Grant back into the top three.
4. Andrew Short: The Red Bull Honda rider looks to have third overall in the bag.
5. Kevin Windham: In the last five races, his highest finish is a fourth. Voters must be sympathetic toward K-Dub.
6. Christophe Pourcel: Becomes first rider of 2009 to wrap up a championship. Highest Lites rider in our rankings.
7. Ryan Dungey: Idle.
8. Mike Alessi: Eleventh in Toronto, but still top ten in the rankings. Interesting.
9. Ivan Tedesco: Better results and higher in points than Alessi, but he’s behind? What gives?
10. Austin Stroupe: Second best Lites rider in the East.
11. Jake Weimer: Idle.
12. Davi Millsaps: 18-8-7 in last three races…
13. Ryan Villopoto: Sidelines with an illness.
14. Josh Hill: First podium of 2009 moved Hill up to 14th.
15. Jason Lawrence: Sitting out main events don’t help in the rankings.
16. Nico Izzi: An eleventh in Canada hurt Izzi’s ranking.
17. Blake Wharton: Couldn’t back up his first win.
18. Broc Hepler: A 14th and 17th after taking a podium in New Orleans. What’s up, Broc?
19. Ryan Morais: Idle.
20. Justin Brayton: Idle.
21. Trey Canard: Idle.
22. Tim Ferry: Injured.
23. Branden Jesseman: Another strong top five finish.
24. Broc Tickle: First podium of the season moves Tickle into the top 25 for the first time in 2009.
25. Martin Davalos: Injured.